Liz’s House: Rearranged. Again.

September 30, 2009

It’s about time for another installment of Liz’s Home!


Liz rearranges her furniture about as often as some people change their underwear.


But I think this new set up is a keeper! Previously Liz kept on boxing off her living area about where the fireplace starts – but she finally started thinking outside of the box and opened up her living room by placing everything on a 45 degree axis.

Picked these up at IKEA like 5 months ago. My awesome mom hemmed them for me, and I thought after 4 months of homeownership, it might be time to put them up.

And the dining room – now with the daybed against the window.

Funny story: Liz lives around the corner from us (like 1/2 a block) and the other day Jeremy and I locked ourselves out of the house, on accident, as we were about to run an errand. We didn’t have keys, our phones, nothing. So we walked over to Liz’s in the middle of a Sunday and what was she doing? Making us home-made ice cream to be devoured later that week! We got a key from a friend that house sits for us on occassion and the day was saved. We felt all neighborly and domestic – it made getting locked out of our own home kind of fun.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you like them?

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