Liz’s House: Rearranged. Again.

It’s about time for another installment of Liz’s Home!


Liz rearranges her furniture about as often as some people change their underwear.


But I think this new set up is a keeper! Previously Liz kept on boxing off her living area about where the fireplace starts – but she finally started thinking outside of the box and opened up her living room by placing everything on a 45 degree axis.

Picked these up at IKEA like 5 months ago. My awesome mom hemmed them for me, and I thought after 4 months of homeownership, it might be time to put them up.

And the dining room – now with the daybed against the window.

Funny story: Liz lives around the corner from us (like 1/2 a block) and the other day Jeremy and I locked ourselves out of the house, on accident, as we were about to run an errand. We didn’t have keys, our phones, nothing. So we walked over to Liz’s in the middle of a Sunday and what was she doing? Making us home-made ice cream to be devoured later that week! We got a key from a friend that house sits for us on occassion and the day was saved. We felt all neighborly and domestic – it made getting locked out of our own home kind of fun.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you like them?

  1. DOM

    We love our neighbours!! After someone had a great idea to host a street party ealier this summer, we really got to know everybody really well!! now, we always find ourselves hanging out in the middle of the street talking in large groups, and all our dogs have play dates at least twice a week. Wouldn’t have it any other way!! ; )

  2. I know one of my neighbors so well that we come and go at will. If her dog sounds upset, I’ll go over and check on him. If we get stuck on an errand, she’ll go over to our place and take our dog out. I’m close with the rest of my neighborhood, but I love having such a close relationship with my next door neighbor…it definitely reminds me of when we were kids and all the parents looked out for all the kids on the street. These days, my parents (in the same house in which I grew up) barely know two or three of the families on the street. So sad.

  3. snail

    Ha this happened to me last week! I was in the backyard with the pup and my storm door jammed. My wonderful neighbor grabbed his crow bar and pried it open for me. I love my neighbors!
    Oh, and Liz’s place is looking good!

  4. Jeremy

    Absolutely fabulous!

  5. Aura

    I want her house. Ask her if she’ll trade me!
    I just met our new neighbors that moved in a couple weeks ago. We had friends over and we were having a nice QUIET night on the patio, and had just ordered a pizza. Next thing I know this super tan blonde in the shortest shorts of my life is standing on my patio asking me if I wanted to come over and smoke pot and take shots. She then opened our pizza and took the first piece, took four shots (she already could barely walk) hugged me SIX times and screamed before each time, and then sprained her ankle. Bawling and screaming ensued.

  6. Judith

    My mentor at the history center used to live 5 houses away from me. She just moved 4 walking minutes away. However, on Sunday I got to walk to her house to borrow a half-cup of flour. I love the idea of not having to run to the store for little things.


  7. I’m really loving her new furniture arrangement! It’s definitely my favorite, and her place is absolutely awesome!
    As for neighbors, I still live in an apartment, and while I have met all the neighbors, my boyfriend and I find it a bit awkward to be friends when we can hear our neighbors fights and, er, everything else.
    But when we have a house, I want to have plenty of neighbor parties- I’m dreaming of ‘taco night’

  8. I’m loving everyone’s neighbor stories! We have a family next door to us that we borrow tools from from time to time and our neighbor across the street, a marathon runner, gives us running tips. There is definitely a neighborly vibe on my street.

  9. I LOVE all the MCM touches!!! Beautiful!

  10. Well, our neighbor sitch is not as good. I have a 91 year-old on one side that who is sweet, but not so much BFF material and a crazy woman on the other side… In other news, LOVE liz’s place. We share grey paint love. I have slowly painted many of my walls Behr “sparrow”…

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