More rock climbing…

September 28, 2009

We went indoor rock climbing again this weekend. So. Much. Fun. It’s only our 5th time but we’ve already invested in our own shoes and harnesses and we’re really starting to see some progress in our performance.





A couple of people have asked me about having upper body strength – I’m not going to lie – it definitely helps to have some muscles up top when you’re hanging on to a hold for dear life – but I’ve found that having solid leg strength and good balance are just as important.

The rest of the weekend was spent reintroducing Fall and Winter clothes to my closet, and late evenings turning into early mornings on the deck with the chiminea going and playing apples to apples with good company.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really get around to the guest bedroom, though I’m half way there with clearing all the Fall clothes that were stored in there. Maybe next weekend. Maybe.

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