Reading: My Life In France


After finishing Into Thin Air (a devastating minute-by-minute account of the 1996 Everest disaster) I’ve moved on to Julia Child’s My Life In France. It is much more light-hearted and sweet.

What are you reading right now? Any suggestions?

  1. Kendra

    After you read a few “fluffy novels” (they are much needed), you should check out The Climb. It’s the same basic story as told by Krakauer, however from a different view point from a man who was in the only other crew those few days in ’96. Very interesting how they differ! They are has been a lot of controversy as to which story is “correct”.

  2. Kendra – In the back of my edition of Everest there is an entire chapter dedicated to Krakauer defending his book upon criticism by The Climb’s co-author. It STRESSED me out! I’m also looking forward to watching the IMAX movie filmed at the time.

  3. Jessica

    I just started reading Mansfield Park again after putting it on hold to read the new Dan Brown book and an impulsive, two-day marathon read of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

  4. I’m reading a collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings bit by bit. Kinda opaque, but I love his words.
    Also reading bits of tons of other books, like always. I need to start limiting myself! Haha! 🙂

  5. And I’ve been thinking of reading My Life in France as well… 🙂
    It’s a good read, no? Did you get the idea to read it from watching Julie and Julia?

  6. Kara – I think I would get lost in Ralph Waldo Emerson and just give up. Maybe one day when I’m feeling a little more sophisticated. I’ve just started on My Life in France but I’m already enjoying it. I did get the idea from Julie and Julia! Loved the movie and became intrigued.

  7. Thao

    I really enjoyed the Julia Child biography. If you want to continue on your food writing theme, I’d recommend Ruth Reichl, who I just (re)read. Not so much her latest book about her mother, but the first three about food.

  8. UnoCosa

    thanks so much for sharing – i am so guilty of being lacking of reading – i dont’ even read magazine, can you believe it??? you make me wanting to start! “my life in france” sounds like a good starting point as i always dream to be able to live there, xoxo

  9. i’ve heard very good things about this book…and after seeing Julie/Julia, i’m interested in learning more about Julia Child’s life.

  10. Loved the book! I was facinated by her discription of dealing with wild game by letting it hang to develope the flavors or something like that. Hmmm…not sure I’m up for that.
    Check out they are talking about the monogram that “Julia” wore in the movie. VERY COOL!

  11. “expecting Adam” – it’s changing the way I think about everything! It’s wonderfully written and captivating!

  12. I read Invincible volumes 1-10, Walking Dead HC volume 1, and I’m getting read to re-read Snowcrash.

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