What’s everyone up to this weekend?

We’re going to:
• Go rock climbing with our buddies
• Then indulge in some amazing Mac and Cheese at Sage
• See The Informant with my mom
• Work on the guest bedroom
• Lay around like fat cats
• Possibly watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose (if Jeremy isn’t too scared *wink*)

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  1. Yansy

    Have a wonderful weekend guys! I’m moving this weekend.

  2. I hope to sand and re-paint our iron railings… and also have a naughty performance this weekend. It’s beautiful outside! And by the way, I really enjoy your blog. I like all the pictures.

  3. AMG – Where does that happen in OKC? I never see any publicity for it? My brother is doing a burlesque tour this Fall and Spring. They’ll be getting close to Oklahoma – Arkansas I think.

    Thank you! I try to capture anything that strikes my fancy these days.

  4. oh, one more thing, UPSTAIRS at Makers. Did you even know they had an upstairs? I didn’t…

  5. wait… did you see the first half? Makers at 9 on sunday. yeah. So I’ll just assume you got that one or this one…

  6. Thank you for the comment about our patio and landscaping! I have a feeling that is what I’ll be trying to finish up this Sunday….only so many days left before Wisconsin is frosty!

  7. Uh oh! I emerged in revamping my bedroom this weekend, too! I really like how things are looking @ this point, but I have many more layers of staining in front of me, I think! You make me wonder about rock climbing!? I am just not convinced of my upper body’s strength; my legs tend to be stronger. Cheers, Julie

  8. Julie – you should definitely try it out! you really don’t need as much upper body strength as you would think. I want to see your bedroom when it’s done!

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