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October 31, 2009

Five Guilty Pleasures

October 30, 2009

The fabulous and stylish, Uno Cosa tagged me to reveal five of my guilty pleasures. I absolutely adore her so I had to oblige.

However, I should note that it’s hard for me to feel guilty about ANY pleasures. I am incredibly self-indulgent and love instant gratification. You might call it a personality flaw but I live by a “do what you want” philosophy and it’s gotten me this far. On to the list!

1. Fur, Leather and Other Dead Things
I actually probably feel the most guilty about this one. I know it’s cruel and morbid – but I think it’s really beautiful.

2. Coffee and Wine
Two of the biggest reasons why I’m not ready to have a baby yet.

3. But I’m Baby Crazy
I secretly love pretending like my nephews are my own and it melts my heart when I see Jeremy holding them.

4. Road Trips
We have the best time on the road together.

5. Mary-Kate Olsen
She loves fur too. I visit this blog daily. Enough said.

Bonus. Jeremy’s Guilty Pleasure: Hospitals
After we dealt with the trauma of Jeremy getting appendicitis on our honeymoon Jeremy revealed that he actually liked being in the hospital. I think his favorite was the little jello cups. My guilty pleasure – watching him high on morphine.

What are your guilty pleasures? I want to open this up for discussion in the comments.

Dance Party

October 30, 2009

This morning called for an impromptu dance party in our pajamas.


Go to Spinner.com and check out the Awesome New Republic album to see what we’ve been shaking it to.

Fall /Green Cure Assignment #3: Create a Landing Strip

October 29, 2009

The Cure this week is all about the Landing Strip and the filtering of objects as they come into your home. It can sometimes be a trial and error process to find the exact set up that stops all your clutter at the door and keeps the inside of your home free from the travels of the outside world.

• Declutter your front entrance, and create a healthy front door filter.
• Cancel unused subscriptions and get yourself off junk mail lists!

We’re now starting to seriously declutter. You’ve been slowly putting things into your Outbox for a couple weeks, but this is the time to start making decisions. As you go through your entrance area this week, keep these three things in mind:
1. Do I use it?
2. Do I love it?
3. Does my home need it?

So I’ve given some thought to what happens when we come into our home. I should warn you – this post isn’t going to be pretty – it’s going to dig into some organizational issues that need to be addressed.

Here is an overview of our kitchen / entry way. The back door is off to the left (you can see the door mat there).
It was so hard for me to not art direct this shot to make it picture perfect – but I want to give you an honest view of where our things end up as we walk in the door. My things, rather, because Jeremy puts all of his things away in their appropriate places and that’s just not going to work for me. I’ve got my purse, camera, phone, COAT, all over the counter, breakfast nook table and on the floor just inside our master bedroom.

As we walk through the back door here is what we see:




So basically you walk through the door and to the front is a pantry area. To the right is the kitchen. To the left is another breezeway / hole to the basement (creepy, huh?) and then a door to our master bedroom. We have a door that would close off the entrance to the basement area (and another door that closes from the master bedroom to block that off from the basement area as well) – we just haven’t gotten around to hanging it.

A really simple solution would be to hang a coat rack on the chalkboard wall – but I think this would distract from the overall look of the kitchen.

So I’m interested in tackling a more complicated solution.
Converting our current pantry area (we use it for household storage) into a mini mud room. We could move a lot of the stuff from the pantry to the basement and under the sink. With some IKEA storage solutions and a little bit of paint I think we could do it.

This definitely isn’t going to get done by the end of the Fall Cure (as far as I know) but drawing up some plans are a good start.

Here is a good example of what a small closet-type mud room can look like:
Wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted with the perfect place to gather all your things?

Until we dive into this project I might come up with some small solutions – like a bin in the master bedroom to throw my things in. Or putting up some hooks for my keys (which I’m constantly losing).

Do you guys have any recommendations or ideas? Please share.

Wedding Invitation: Vintage Apothecary

October 28, 2009

I have been waiting SO LONG to show you guys the most recent invites I designed for bride and groom, Anna & Tom.

Anna came to me with a vision of apothecary inspired wedding invitations. She is also currently a medical student and was inspired by a vintage pharmaceutical labels. I was beyond excited for the opportunity to design her invitations – the direction was right up my alley. She was currently using marigold and brown as her color palette and her husband-to-be really loved the idea of letter pressed invitations. So those were the parameters I was working within.



Along with using vintage prescription labels for inspiration I thumbed through an old medical book for additional imagery. I came across a vintage line drawing of veins and thought it was perfect. When I gave Anna a first edit of the design she loved it as well – she especially liked that the veins also translated as branches, as her fiance proposed to her under a tree.


Overall, I wanted to pair organic imagery with refined and ornate elements; to balance the flourishy script typeface with a straight forward serif; to make the marigold pop by coupling it with a sophisticated grey.


I especially wanted to treat the RSVP like a prescription note from a doctor. Anna & Tom really enjoyed the space for a note and wound up hanging on to the returned RSVPs.

I pour my heart into every invitation design I do. I design from a very emotional place and put everything I’ve got into it. I hope it shows.

Congrats to Anna & Tom!

And if you are interested in invitations designs (wedding, birthday, birth announcements, etc.) contact me at JeremyandKathleen(at)gmail(dot)com for details.

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