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Liz’s First Home: Some Progress

November 30, 2009


There was a home improvement vibe in the air this holiday weekend because Liz was getting busy working on her house too.

Paper lanterns. At least I ripped out the pre-existing ghetto exposed Hobby Lobby one.

And yes, that is the beginning of my admittedly meager Christmas decorating. I need some lights, stat.

Finally. Though I still love the propped up layered look.

…Trail of Dead poster by Lure Design.

Complete! My room is a total sexy sleep cave now. It’s all browns and greys and woods. It actually looks better without natural light, but my camera is a bitch about things like that.

Not sure if the theater seats will stay there but I like them for now. And I haven’t kicked them, yet. So that’s good.

I also got new silky organic cotton sheets and firmer pillows. And hung one of my Marc English posters in direct view of my sweet-dreaming face.

Here is the Marc English poster she’s referring too. It’s actually split up into two separate posters and Liz has them both in IKEA Ribba Frames.

House Work

November 30, 2009

So, you know the guest bedroom I keep on talking about? I finally got started on it this long holiday weekend.


I have the trim and windows painted with a fresh coat of white and this evening will get started on the walls.

While I was busy painting Jeremy was weather-proofing our home. We have 27 eighty-year-old windows that are drafty – so it was quite a task.

Our windows are so old that they have the rope/pulley system. Unfortunately, you can feel wind coming in through these old pulleys – so Jeremy sealed them shut with Big Stuff foam (not recommended – it got ALL over the place). We’ll be touching everything up using X-acto knives and paint.


Our home kind of became a war zone but it felt nice to give the place some love.

Scooty Boots and The Sink

November 29, 2009

Scooty Boot’s new favorite hang out. Probably because Jeremy put a new garbage disposal in this weekend and Boots wanted to claim it as his own. He’s like that.

Around OKC: Automobile Alley Lights

November 29, 2009

The lights on Automobile Alley (Broadway between 13th and 4th) are amazing. About a 1/4 of the store fronts have sheets of lighting like this – I’m hoping the rest join in.

Things I Learned From My Dad

November 26, 2009

• That Quentin Tarantino makes the best movies
• That men can be feminists too
• Never throw the first punch but if you do it had better be a knock-out (I’ve never thrown any punches)
• How to play chess
• How to wish on a fish’s eyeball. When I was a kid after he’d catch a fish he would make me touch the fish’s eyeball and make a wish before throwing the fish back into the lake.
• That peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on toast are delish
• That doing something you love that doesn’t make you rich is okay. And that working a job you don’t like so much but makes you a LOT of money is okay too. But never ever work a job that you hate and doesn’t pay enough.
• My sense of humor (a little crass, morbid, and dry)
• When I was a kid in gymnastics he told me that if I did the splits every single day that I would always be able to do the splits. This method of practice applies to a lot more than just doing the splits.
• My sense of superstition (I’m a little superstitious that by writing this post my dad is going to die. In fact, the other day I asked my dad if I could take his picture for this post and he told me that if I took it it may be the last photo I ever take of him. So I just dug up one from a few years ago instead.)
• My love for taxidermied dead things.

You can read my dad’s blog, Old Fish and Such, here.

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