A hard day: Soup, Round 2

November 3, 2009

I had a really hard day yesterday. It was the perfect storm of little things adding up to a big teary meltdown.

I knew a couple of things would cheer me up including (but not limited to):
• Sweating it out. Nothing to work out some stress like a hard run.
• Sweats. When I’m sad I just want out of my clothes and in my favorite pair of sweat pants.
• A bath. When Jeremy caught wind of my hard day he asked me what I needed. When I told him a bubble bath I came home to just that. And wine. And music. And 85% dark chocolate. And candles. And a new Pottery Barn catalog. My mind was blown.
• Soup. I knew some home-made soup would hit the spot.

I pretty much used the same recipe as last time but added potatoes and kale to the mix. I paired the soup with some cheesy bread to make the perfect comfort-food dinner.

Today is a new day and I have some fun design stuff to show you guys later. Stay tuned.

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