Liz’s First Home: Some Progress

November 30, 2009


There was a home improvement vibe in the air this holiday weekend because Liz was getting busy working on her house too.

Paper lanterns. At least I ripped out the pre-existing ghetto exposed Hobby Lobby one.

And yes, that is the beginning of my admittedly meager Christmas decorating. I need some lights, stat.

Finally. Though I still love the propped up layered look.

…Trail of Dead poster by Lure Design.

Complete! My room is a total sexy sleep cave now. It’s all browns and greys and woods. It actually looks better without natural light, but my camera is a bitch about things like that.

Not sure if the theater seats will stay there but I like them for now. And I haven’t kicked them, yet. So that’s good.

I also got new silky organic cotton sheets and firmer pillows. And hung one of my Marc English posters in direct view of my sweet-dreaming face.

Here is the Marc English poster she’s referring too. It’s actually split up into two separate posters and Liz has them both in IKEA Ribba Frames.

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