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We’re Thankful

November 26, 2009

My Brother, The Officiant

November 25, 2009

You guys might know that my brother was the officiant for Jeremy’s and my wedding and legally bound us together back in March.

It looks like that gig got him some more business.

Picture 2

Picture 1

What a rad wedding. You can see more pics here.

Things I Learned From My Mom

November 23, 2009

• How to drive a stick shift (on a 1973 VW bug)
• That you can buy four times as many clothes at the thrift store.
• That chocolate is kind of the best thing ever
• How to read
• That being a non-conformist is hard but worth it (I was a total weirdo but she was right – it was completely worth it)
• That sometimes life ISN’T fair but sometimes that’s part of life
• That a home-made Halloween costume is the best
• A DIY attitude towards everything
• That being tan isn’t worth the wrinkles and cancer that follow later in life
• That David Bowie is totally hot (we watched a lot of Labrynth)

Next up: Things I Learned From My Dad

Kitty Paws

November 23, 2009




There’s nothing sweeter, right!?

Mister Scooty Boots shown wearing Soft Paws in Touch of Fall Combo. Photos by Jeremy.

Cleaning My Room

November 20, 2009

I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I had anticipated. I had delusions of grandeur that included: deep cleaning the entire house, giving myself a manicure, baking cookies, going for a jog, showering, watching a few movies…

So I didn’t really get to any of those. But I did clean my room.

It’s that time of year when I get to switch out the lightweight comforter for the goose-down comforter. I know you’re not supposed to wash them but I threw this in the wash (hot water and bleach) – AND I threw it in the dryer.

It’s also that time of year for black tights. These hang to dry – over the door, obviously.

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