Things I Learned From My Dad

November 26, 2009

• That Quentin Tarantino makes the best movies
• That men can be feminists too
• Never throw the first punch but if you do it had better be a knock-out (I’ve never thrown any punches)
• How to play chess
• How to wish on a fish’s eyeball. When I was a kid after he’d catch a fish he would make me touch the fish’s eyeball and make a wish before throwing the fish back into the lake.
• That peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on toast are delish
• That doing something you love that doesn’t make you rich is okay. And that working a job you don’t like so much but makes you a LOT of money is okay too. But never ever work a job that you hate and doesn’t pay enough.
• My sense of humor (a little crass, morbid, and dry)
• When I was a kid in gymnastics he told me that if I did the splits every single day that I would always be able to do the splits. This method of practice applies to a lot more than just doing the splits.
• My sense of superstition (I’m a little superstitious that by writing this post my dad is going to die. In fact, the other day I asked my dad if I could take his picture for this post and he told me that if I took it it may be the last photo I ever take of him. So I just dug up one from a few years ago instead.)
• My love for taxidermied dead things.

You can read my dad’s blog, Old Fish and Such, here.

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