Taxidermy Art

Taxidermy Wall Art, apx. 20″ x 30″

Another amazing gift from my sister, who appreciates my love for dead things.

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  1. Hollie

    oooh, jealous x 10. I LOVE it!

  2. when jeremy dies you should have him stuffed and pose beside him every day to take your fashion photo…

  3. Glad Im not the only one who appreciates dead stuffed animals. (Although I really want a real one in my house..but Im too cheap to buy one as they are insanely expensive)

  4. what is the official name of this painting? or is there any sort of serial number or anything on it? I saw this at urban outfitters months ago and they have since discontinued it. I have been looking for it everywhere but i can’t seem to find it with the information i have

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