When It Snows, It Blizzards

December 27, 2009




The weather in Oklahoma is extreme. We get tornadoes. And we get ice.

Jeremy was sent home from work about 1.5 hours after arriving. We packed up the car and headed down to my parent’s place. They live about 25 miles South of us in Norman and it took us right at an hour to make it there. We lost control about a mile from their home and almost slid into a ditch. We finally arrived and I got excited as we were running from our car to the safety of my parent’s home by pretending I was on Mount Everest.

We had an amazing Christmas Eve slumber party and an even more amazing Christmas morning. And when we finally decided to try and drive back home we passed dozens of abandoned cars – one had even caught fire! It felt very post-apocalyptic.

I hope everyone had a very merry holiday!

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