Hello, Twenty-Ten

January 1, 2010

It’s become a tradition, with our friends, to make birthday resolutions. At the mark of your new year. But I love the collective feeling of a fresh start at the closing of the past year and beginning a new one.

A to do list for Twenty-Ten:
+ Eat locally and cook using locally resourced produce and ingredients
+ Add one pull-up per month to my workout – 12 in December
+ Make music
+ Backpack Europe (any Europe friends out there? Monica from Portugal? Anyone else? Holla.)
+ Go hiking and camping
+ Grow a veggie garden
+ Landscape
+ Push the “What We Wear” project to make it more dynamic and interesting (to ourselves and others)
+ Read more books
+ Use less stuff
+ Climb real rocks
+ Celebrate 1 year married to each other
+ Grow a year older (and wiser)
+ Learn how to skin a fish
+ Finish the guest bedroom and office
+ Start on a master’s degree (Jeremy)
+ Design more invitations
+ Get out of house remodel debt – and reward ourselves nicely
+ And more…

Hello, Twenty-Ten. It’s so nice to meet you.

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