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Beia & Layo: Romantic Travel Wedding Invitations

February 25, 2010

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I recently designed my first bilingual invitations for Beia and Layo. They split their time between England and Brazil, love to travel and wanted their wedding invites to feel like they come from an old-world, more romantic time and place. I wanted to incorporate all of these ideas and bring them to life, visually, in this wedding invitation package.

I printed these using a metallic silver and metallic gold ink on a cream parchment paper. Beia was inspired a little by my own wedding invites and wanted elements of that in her own invitation suite – like the tag RSVP card, a typewriter typeface (but paired with a more handwritten font, as well) and instead of using a photo strip we created a small passport inspired image.

If you are interested in having invitations custom designed by me please email me at jeremyandkathleen(at)gmail(dot)com for inquiries.

Geometric Dish

February 24, 2010



When I found this geometric dish at Urban Outfitters, on clearance for $4.99, I knew I had to have it.

Right now it is functioning as a little catch-all in our kitchen for my keys, phone and iPod shuffle. Have I mentioned that I love the idea of art in the kitchen? I think these prints by Mrs. Limestone are feeling right at home on our kitchen counter. I’m sure one day I’ll feel like it’s too cluttered and find a new place for everything but right now I’m loving the cozy clutter (if you can call it that).

FAQ: Paint Swatches

February 23, 2010

FAQ: What color did you use for your [insert room here]?


There’s something about painting every single surface in a new (or new to you) home that really makes it yours. Paint is the easiest way to instantly transform a room in a major way. And I really struggled with what colors to use in our home. With 27 windows I knew I wanted the house to glow and when I found Creme at Sherwin Williams I knew that was the glow color I was looking for.

We also wanted a little bit of color – so we went with greens and greys in the dining, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. I still wanted the color palette to be neutral, cohesive and show a little restraint (I used to have lime green and red walls).

Along with Black Magic as our dark stripe in the hallway we also used Chalkboard Paint in black for our pantry and office accent walls.

All of that said, I’m not moving again until we can afford a professional painter – especially when it comes to the trim and wood work.

Another note: Test all paint swatches in real life before purchasing. Paint colors appear differently from monitor to monitor (even on mine the creme looks a little dark and not quite as buttery “glow” as it does in real life).

My New Favorite Snack

February 23, 2010


Local yogurt from Wagon Creek Creamery and locally made granola.

J & K: Best Kept Secret

February 23, 2010

Photo 296.jpg

Jeremy and Kathleen was named Best Kept Secret in the Okie Blog Awards!

Thanks to everyone for nominating / voting for us. We’re in some good company with the rest of the talented Okie Blog Award winners.

Edited to include Journal Record write-up:

The great equalizer in publishing today is created with nothing more than a laptop and an Internet connection. But like any publishing venture, you have to be good to be recognized. Here in Oklahoma, beyond page hits and sponsorship dollars, we have a third way of discerning blog quality – the Okie Blog Awards, now in their fifth year. Last week, I served on a small panel to help establish the final winners (the initial round of judging was done by a vote among peers).

Inspired, Not Insipid: Jeremy and Kathleen

Jeremy and Kathleen’s daily postings of what they are wearing (yes, they snap a photo every single day of their sartorial selections; she does confess, “It’s a little bizarre and narcissistic….”) could come across as especially vapid, but au contraire, their young relationship and exquisite taste for fonts and household goods is inspired. Their blog was named Best Kept Secret; Kathleen works at Third Degree Advertising, and Jeremy is an electrical software engineer. jeremyandkathleen.blogspot.com

Dollars to donuts, the folks writing today’s winning Oklahoma blogs are going to lead our state in many of the coming decade’s creative pursuits. The wise among us would do well to notice them now. (The complete list of winners is at oklahomablogawards.blogspot.com.)

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