Dressing on the Side



Dressing on the Side
contacted Jeremy and I a few weeks ago to see about doing a collaborative project to help promote their super fun, cute and quirky t-shirts. I was more than excited to work with such a fun and creative company. I had been spying their shirts on some of my favorite blogs so I was more than flattered when they wanted to work with us. There is more to come (including a few shots of Jeremy busting out his male modeling skills) but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of this project in progress.

  1. Margie

    OMG, me want! I want that and a cupcake!

  2. D&D

    i just bought the vegetarian animal cracker one for my sister! they’re so soft in real life!

  3. Ashley

    I love it! And DAMN you look hot in that bottom pic!

  4. Ashley – Thanks – but it’s all photoshop. That’s not even my real face.

  5. Erin

    I love how you dress up a tee! And they are so so cute!

  6. Ashley

    Well crap, photoshop me too! I want to look like Petra Nemkova in my bamboo picture, you can do that right 🙂

  7. S.

    I can’t decide whether this makes me want to buy a t-shirt or pie. Guess I’ll have to do both?

  8. Lisa

    OMG, I seriously need that cupcake shirt! How fricking cute!

  9. nicole

    Cuute. I saw their “In Search of the Perfect Burger” tee over on Rockstar Diaries some time ago. These are great, too! Gotta get me one!

  10. I think Chloe should have a girl crush on you now, Pie pic is really good. – Tara

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