J and K: A new look

April 22, 2010

Photo 296.jpg

Our little blog got a big makeover today and I’m over the moon about it! If you read J & K through an RSS reader feel free to hop over to check out the new look.

A few things to point out:
+ it’s prettier!
+ and more functional!
+ we now have a navigation bar and are utilizing pages for contact info, a house tour, wedding invite portfolio and design portfolio – these will be updated over the next few months
+ the side bar invitation icons link directly to the invitation post
+ the pictures are slightly larger now

Thanks, times a million, to Daniel who helped me execute this makeover. It was kind of like a kindergarten craft project and if you were to take a look at the code you would see things like macaroni necklaces, half empty bottles of elmer’s glue and cheerios stuck in the carpet. But it works and I’m so happy with it.

We may be working some tweaks out so if you notice anything wonky let me know!

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