Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese on Toast


Goat cheese on toast, topped with smoked salmon, homemade curry mayo and dill. Served with a side of steamed asparagus dressed with fresh-squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper.

We used up the last of our bread which brings a conclusion to all the sandwiches we’ve been eating this week. But damn, what a good week of food we’ve had.

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  1. annie

    Man, that looks good!

  2. Jordan

    you eat seriously well. you should write/design a cook book. I’d be all over it!

  3. Jordan – I am in no way an expert on cooking but I would LOVE to layout or collaborate on a cookbook with someone else one day. Thanks for the compliment, though!

  4. Laura

    I’m in love.
    oh yum.

  5. *Lesli*

    that looks UH.MAZIN’.

  6. Angie

    This looks amazing. Where did you get the smoked salmon in OKC? I seriously have to make this this weekend.

  7. mindy

    looks AND sounds absolutely delicious!

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