The best egg salad sandwich ever

April 27, 2010



I’m on a serious sandwich kick right now. Last night I was craving some egg salad and decided I was going to try and make some mayo. The first time I made mayo I had no idea that drizzling the oil in was key – needless to say, I wound up with a bowl of oil with an egg yolk beat up in it.

Since then I’ve read Julie & Julia and realized the drizzle of oil is the most important step.

I used this recipe to make the mayo but used curry instead of mustard and apple cider vinegar instead of white wine (because it’s what I had on hand).

I added a tablespoon or two of the mayo to 3 diced hard boiled eggs. I added some green onions and dill to the mix and layered with fresh spinach on some bread. I then grilled the whole thing with a little bit of butter in a cast iron pan.


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