We Know We Belong to the Land

April 23, 2010


We Know We Belong to the Land installation art by Molly O’Connor

I saw this on my urban trek to work yesterday. I discovered through a Facebook post, yesterday, what it’s all about.

On April 22, Oklahomans commemorate the anniversary of the first of seven Land Runs that took place to settle the “Unassigned Lands.”
This is also the day that the rest of the world celebrates Earth Day.

This installation sheds light on the longstanding relationships between humans and land. Long before white settlers staked and claimed Oklahoma, this land provided nourishment and life and home to native peoples for centuries.

Today, we live in a world that threatens the earth that provides for us. How can we all make a commitment to protect the earth, both locally and globally? How can we set differences aside to preserve and protect the land that sustains us?

If you happen upon this art installation, please “unstake” the land and take one of the white flags of surrender with you. Make a commitment to be a better steward of the land, recognizing that we are all guests invited to inhabit this wonderful world.

From this post I knew to unstake a flag as I trekked past this installation today.

I chose path.

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