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Goodbye, nine-to-five

May 28, 2010

The photo above is a (rare) candid snap of me at work. But in this moment I wasn’t really working at all. I was reading an email from Jeremy – we were falling in love.

Today is my last day of nine-to-five work. Third Degree Advertising has given me a wealth of experience and has turned me into an award-winning Senior Art Director. This place has been my second home for almost five years and my coworkers are like family. They’ve seen me laugh, cry, go from red to black to blond and have watched me grow up.

I am so very thankful.

And I’m so very excited for what’s next.

Veggie Gardening: NATURE Y’ALL!

May 28, 2010




Remember the hail storm that demolished our veggie garden? Well, apparently our vegetable plants are little badasses that have come back with a vengeance. Look! We’re even getting a little squash – isn’t it adorable?

We spent a little time cleaning everything up. Trimming off dying stems that sustained too much damage and getting leaves out of our beds. We’ve been watering and tending and encouraging our little veggies to come back. It’s working! Nature y’all!

Mario & Erin: Vintage Flower Wedding Invitations

May 27, 2010






When my dear friends Mario and Erin decided to tie the knot I was really hoping they’d ask me to do the invitations. They are super cool and have really great taste. Need proof? You might remember when I featured their rad kitchen in the ranch home they just remodeled. Like Daniel & Megan, Mario and Erin are both designers (web/graphic and interior) so it was a little intimidating coming up with the perfect design for their invites.

Mario and Erin gave me the liberty to do anything I wanted – which sounds glamorous but in reality can be overwhelming. I knew that Mario and Erin were to be married in a really gorgeous backyard full of flowers – I found some vintage illustrations of some super sexy flowers and decided to run with it.

I originally designed these in a super neon lime green and grey but toned it down a little when I found out Erin’s bridesmaids were wearing kelly green. I love how non-traditional the scale of imagery and typography is for a wedding invite. A big thank you to Mario and Erin for allowing me to push the envelope on this one.

Eggs on Toast

May 27, 2010



A variation of this meal has been my go-to for about a year now.

It is toast (I toasted this in my cast iron pan with a little bit of butter) smothered with goat cheese, covered with arugula (or spinach) and topped with a fried egg. I also dressed it with a little balsamic vinegar, dill and rosemary.

I also tried a new technique for my eggs – I heated a little butter in a pan over medium/low heat. When the butter was sizzling I cracked the eggs in the pan. Then I covered the pan for about 4 minutes, just until the yolk had a slight white glaze over it. It required no flipping – there were no runny uncooked white but the yolk was nice and oozy.

As always, ingredients highlighted in green are local.

Time Lapse Foodtography

May 26, 2010


Time Lapse Foodtography by Liz

Cool, huh?

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