Liz in Durham

Rocking: a very temporary mohawk.

Makeshift Counterspace
Cooking: southern comfort food.

Toms Prep

Toms After
Eating: local tomatoes. Drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme, and left to die a glorious, slow death in the oven. From the Durham Farmer’s Market.

Welcome To Lollege
Exploring: lollege.

Duke Chapel
Backyard: Duke Chapel

Wrightsville Horizontal
Living: 2 hours from the beach.

Living Room Sneak Peek Vignette
Home: sweet home.

Liz has been in Durham, North Carolina for an entire month now. I miss her terribly but am confident that she’s grabbing life by the balls out there on the East Coast – so for that, I’m terribly proud.

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  1. Eeeee! This made me feel very glamorous. But not too glamorous: glamorous with a side of ball-grabbing. I love you, Kathleen Shannon.

  2. Ashley


  3. emily

    I almost died, I thought that was your head in the first picture. (werent you going to the hairdresser soon? did you?)
    I think you should rock a mohawk to Kathleen.
    And to Liz: Great pictures!


  4. Kelly

    Before we go any further, I’d like you to know that I like both mohawks and grabbing life by the balls.


  5. Naurnie

    i can attest first hand to the fact that liz is a bad ass ball grabbing bitch (in a good way).


  6. so, just ran across your blog a few days ago and have enjoyed it but today put it over the edge! i’m moving to durham in about a month and have been dreading it – liz totally inspired me and now i’m more than pumped about the beach and farmer’s market deliciousness! thanks for sharing her journey with us. made my day.

  7. Shannon – I went out to Durham with Liz a few months ago and absolutely loved it. It may be relative to where you’re moving from and why – but Durham is a cool place. I hope you enjoy it!

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