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Lemon Yogurt Pasta with Summer Squash and Zucchini

June 22, 2010



I was feeling uninspired to cook last night. I knew I had some squash and was craving some pasta. I took note of a few ingredients in my fridge and decided to keep dinner quick and simple with whole wheat linguini dressed in a lemon and yogurt sauce and pair it with some sauteed squash. It was a little zingy for my taste so next time I might limit the sauce to just half a fresh lemon instead of a whole.

Our Dining Room

June 21, 2010





Our dining room seems like a constant work in progress. Our favorite art resides in this room as well as our 1957 Heywood Wakefield dining room table with Eames dot pattern fabric upholstered chairs. The chandelier came with the house – we painted it white. The wall of frames is an ever growing collection that I add to from time-to-time. I’m still holding out for the perfect credenza.

Recently Jeremy has networked our home not only so I can back up my work but also so that we can listen to our iTunes library from just about anywhere in our house. The little TV stand from IKEA has not been serving a purpose in our home until now – it’s happily housing our stereo system. I’ve also brought my IKEA floor lamp in from another room in our house where it wasn’t being used.

And yes, there is still an outline of a dead body on the wood floor.

Heart and Craft

June 21, 2010




I immediately took notice of these ceramic mushrooms my blog friend Kat, of Heart and Craft, had posted about a while back. So when she offered to send me one, as well as a couple other goodies to check out, I was more than happy to oblige. Visit her Etsy site to check out these mushrooms and other ceramic goodies.



Kat also sent me a little package of gift tags with the sweetest little bundle of raffia ribbon for the perfect gift wrapping touch. I love little details like that.

The best part – Kat wants you to win one of these gift tag party packs in a giveaway over at her blog.


June 20, 2010


About two or three years ago my older sister took my dad on vacation to New York. My dad is starting to feel old and was convinced he was going to die making the trip from Oklahoma to New York. And with his morbid and dry since of humor he would joke about it. So, I told him that if he collapsed in the airport his dying words, pained and breathless, to my sister (the one taking him on vacation) should be “Kathleen… was… my… favorite.” He thought it was hilarious and promised these would be his dying words.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Even though it would’ve made for a hilarious story, I’m glad you didn’t die in that airport.

My Coworkers

June 18, 2010



My favorite is when Jeremy comes home from work and joins me while I wrap my day up.

And Mister Boots is exhausted from a full day of print production and cutting out invitation mock-ups. Clearly. He even screamed at me to get an intern earlier this morning.

I’m happy it’s the weekend. So is Boots.

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