Unexpected Pop of Color

June 24, 2010

IMG_1205 copy


When I picked up my Local is for Lovers tee at Collected Thread I also came across a bundle of fabric that I instantly fell in love with. This throw pillow is just a mock-up (the fabric is just folded around the pillow form) but I think I can get three big pillows out of the material I’ve got.

And now might be a good time to address the white couch. A couple months ago I had decided I was going to get it – practicality be damned – I’m childless and fabulous and my white couch was going to prove it.

Then I quit my steady day job and decided there were other things I should spend $2,000 dollars on. Like Adobe Creative Suite 5. I also felt like it was a little wasteful – we have a perfectly nice couch. And, finally, that maybe we’d like to have a baby sometime in the near future that would like to have a big old couch to play and puke on.

So my new plan of attack is to make our existing couch eclectic and cozy. Sew leather patches with oversized stitching on the places the cats have scratched. Collect a variety of colorful (or not) throw pillows and blankets. I’m especially inspired by these couches.

But I can’t lie, I still really love that white couch.

P.S. Did you guys notice that that plant in the corner is totally making out with itself in the mirror?

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