Veggie Garden Update

Zucchini bloom

Our vegetable garden is under attack – we’ve been doing everything pesticide free so far but we’ve got these vine borers slowly eating away at our best plants. We’ve yet to produce any veggies – so I think I’m going to go to a local organic gardening store and see if they have any ideas on non-toxic pesticides.

But instead of showing you a close up of these grubby little jerks and the really sad plants I wanted to show you a beautiful bloom Jeremy picked the other day. I want to fill it with goat cheese, dip it in some batter and fry it up. Yum.

Have a beautiful weekend you guys.

  1. That sounds delicious!!

    I hope that you can find an organic answer to your pest problem. I can imagine how annoying that is!

  2. Beautiful! I love reading about your garden.

  3. ooh, that sounds so delicious! Good luck with the bugs – let us know if you find a good solution!

  4. J and K

    Thank you guys so much for your recommendations! I have heard that soapy water will work. I have a few non-toxic options around the house but I’m not sure if they contain detergent. I’m going to send Jeremy to the organic garden supply store tomorrow to see what they have.


  5. it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I like to see the evolution of blogs and yours is fantastic. really inspiring. I love your graphic work and it helped me when I had to design a wedding invitation for friends of mine last year. It remember me that i have to show it on my blog!!!
    have a nice sunday, i’m at work and i’m boring!!!

  6. emily

    oh noooooooooo!!!
    I agree with others, soapy water in a spray bottle. Just make sure you spray in the evening because or else the plants will burn in the sun.
    Good luck!


  7. Alright you guys – we had to clear out all but one of our zucchini plants. I tried the soapy water technique – I’ll let you know how it goes.

  8. We had a terrible time last year with spider mites. It so disapointing when you are struggling to keep things alive and well when you are also trying to be au natural. That blossom looks delicious!

  9. The vine borers got me last year so I just get squash at the farmers market. Once you find out you have them its kind of too late for the most part from what I read at the time. I just had to pull all the squash…they are ugly dudes too 😀

    Come get some basil plants! I have lots of babies that need a new home.

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