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June 28, 2010


I know I share a lot of cooking, gardening, reading, designing and adventuring on here but I also really like to kick back, zone out and watch some good (and sometimes bad) TV. Here are some of my newer addictions as well as long-time favorites.

Starting in the top left and going clockwise:
+ True Blood – I always end each episode squealing out of excitement. I love this show. Love it.
+ Mad Men – I adore this show because of the amazing writing, styling and drama but I also loved finding parallels between advertising in the 1960s and working in advertising now. And of course I have the biggest girl crush on Joan.
+ Freaks and Geeks – It is truly a shame that this show only lasted for 1 season. If you haven’t watched it Netflix it now.
+ Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I’ve had countless and passionate conversations about Buffy. And when I finished the series of Buffy I watched Angel out of desperation.
+ The Fabulous Beekman Boys – I actually found this show just yesterday as I was channel surfing. Two gay city boys buy an organic farm in upstate New York. It fosters my desire for chickens and goats.
+ United States of Tara – I was quick to dismiss this show when I first saw the promos. I thought it was going to be too absurd and quirky but once I gave it a chance I became completely obsessed. Toni Collette is at the top of her game.
+ 9 by Design – This show made me want to have 7 kids. Enough said.
+ Everest: Beyond the Limit – this show actually sparked my Everest obsession.
+ Dexter – I cannot wait for the next season to start up. Along with Dexter I’m also a fan of Weeds. Showtime is giving HBO a run for it’s money.
+ Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw changed my life a little. Or at least the way I approached fashion. And also… Team Aiden. Yeah, I said it.
+ All My Children – I grew up watching this soap opera. When I came home from school my entire family (including my dad) would wind down from our day by watching this soap together. And if the VCR didn’t tape it all hell would break loose. I don’t catch this show anymore but my parents still watch it every single day. I love that.

So now it’s your turn. What shows are you currently watching? What are some of your all time favorites?

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