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I know I share a lot of cooking, gardening, reading, designing and adventuring on here but I also really like to kick back, zone out and watch some good (and sometimes bad) TV. Here are some of my newer addictions as well as long-time favorites.

Starting in the top left and going clockwise:
+ True Blood – I always end each episode squealing out of excitement. I love this show. Love it.
+ Mad Men – I adore this show because of the amazing writing, styling and drama but I also loved finding parallels between advertising in the 1960s and working in advertising now. And of course I have the biggest girl crush on Joan.
+ Freaks and Geeks – It is truly a shame that this show only lasted for 1 season. If you haven’t watched it Netflix it now.
+ Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I’ve had countless and passionate conversations about Buffy. And when I finished the series of Buffy I watched Angel out of desperation.
+ The Fabulous Beekman Boys – I actually found this show just yesterday as I was channel surfing. Two gay city boys buy an organic farm in upstate New York. It fosters my desire for chickens and goats.
+ United States of Tara – I was quick to dismiss this show when I first saw the promos. I thought it was going to be too absurd and quirky but once I gave it a chance I became completely obsessed. Toni Collette is at the top of her game.
+ 9 by Design – This show made me want to have 7 kids. Enough said.
+ Everest: Beyond the Limit – this show actually sparked my Everest obsession.
+ Dexter – I cannot wait for the next season to start up. Along with Dexter I’m also a fan of Weeds. Showtime is giving HBO a run for it’s money.
+ Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw changed my life a little. Or at least the way I approached fashion. And also… Team Aiden. Yeah, I said it.
+ All My Children – I grew up watching this soap opera. When I came home from school my entire family (including my dad) would wind down from our day by watching this soap together. And if the VCR didn’t tape it all hell would break loose. I don’t catch this show anymore but my parents still watch it every single day. I love that.

So now it’s your turn. What shows are you currently watching? What are some of your all time favorites?

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  1. Amanda

    I agree that it is a shame that Freaks and Geeks lasted one season. I had to watch some of it again for my Adolescent Psychology class. All the good shows never seem to last very long in comparison to some of those that I don’t understand keep getting renewed. Apparently my taste in TV is not that of America’s.

  2. Jenn Z.

    I borrowed Freak and Geeks from the library, but did not get a chance to watch it…I will for sure soon.

    My favs:

    Dexter-I think this is my #1!
    The Tudors-amazing, especially if there’s a history buff in the family (my hubby)
    Big Love-note sure the draw, great story and writing
    Smallville-just started watching this show, so far so good.

    Oldies, but goodies:
    Buffy-I was a big fan in High school/college, but never finished the series. Now on Netflix Instant, so I think I will re-watch and work my way through the seasons soon.
    LOST-my hubby and I watched the whole series this year when I was recovering from surgery. Great distraction
    Six Feet Under
    The Shield

    Pretty good list for someone who doesn’t even actually have any “channels”; we just watch everything on DVD, Netflix, or online.

  3. You listed the shows that I’m currently watching. Have you seen Firefly? That was another Joss creation that ended far too soon. Highly recommend that one. Other old faves: Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Six Feet Under, Dead Like Me.

  4. We don’t have cable, so we mostly watch old stuff on DVD. At the moment we are watching the most recent Mad Men season and re-watching Sopranos, which is our ultimate obsession. Six Feet Under is our second favorite, and we are pretty big fans of most things HBO does.

    I’m also proud to have introduced Jeff to the dorky fabulousness that is Star Trek, Next Generation, which is about the only thing we consistently watch on TV in real time (if something more than a decade old can be called real time.)

  5. allison

    I love most of the shows you mentioned! I agree with Miss Kris above, if you liked Buffy you should check out Firefly.

    A new show that I liked this year was Parenthood (Although I have a soft spot for Lauren Graham because I do like Gilmore Girls)

    I started watching 9 By Design and fell in love. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted so many kids!

  6. dexter, the soup, most bravo reality tv shows including the entire ‘real housewives’ franchise, the office + yes, sex & the city (the series, not the movies).

    i’m team aiden too, which means i like they didn’t end up together. he was too good for her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    we just shut our cable off though!!! going for a tv-free summer then deciding then if we want it back on.

  7. I knew I loved your taste. I’m a Buffy fanatic, passionate is the best way to describe how I feel about the show. I couldn’t get into Angel. I might be able to watch it now but I distanced myself from the whole thing after I went into Buffy Depression.

    I loved Freaks and Geeks.

    I wish I had HBO I want to get into True Blood and Mad Men (is that on HBO???) so bad!

    Currently I’m mostly obsessed with the NBC Thursday night line up… Community, 30 Rock, The Office and Parks and Rec

  8. nicole

    I love that you love All My Children. I watched it, too, as a kid. Tad, Dixie, Hayley, Matteo, Edmund, Maria. Oh the couples drama!

    In regards to SATC: Team Aiden all the way.

    My TV obsessions:

    Mad Men, obvs.

    Deadwood. Stop everything and watch it right now. It’s addicting. It takes place in 1872 in a lawless pioneer camp that is soon-to-be annexed into Dakota territory. Things you can look forward to: whores, whiskey, murder, poker, prospecting for gold, and a shit-ton of cussing. (it aired on HBO for three seasons; Netflix it!)

    Party Down is becoming a new favorite of mine. Funny stuff.

    Friday Night Lights. LOVE it. And it has an impressive soundtrack = mega bonus points.

    Guilty pleasure: Glee.

  9. J and K

    I LOVED Firely, you guys. I also am a fan of Battlestar Galactica and the Sopranos. Both which I have not watched the final season for whatever reason.

    I also love Six Feet Under.

    I catch Parenthood sometimes and I actually like it – so I may watch that on DVD when it comes out.

    Wow, I watch a LOT of TV. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Jason

    Please add Damages, seasons 1 through 3 to your to-watch list.


    (And we were Days of Our Lives people in my house. Funny how, after missing 10 years worth of episodes, you can get back on the horse in a matter of minutes. Try it sometime with AMC. The storylines. never. advance.

  11. Sofia

    I love The Office, Curb your Enthusiasm, and Modern Family. Those shows always make me laugh out loud.
    Breaking Bad is an absolutely, midblowingly AMAZING show. My favorite show of all time is definitely The Cosby Show. And I am also Team Aiden!

  12. True blood, Breaking Bad, and The real housewives of New Jersey, (shameful but soooooooo enjoyable)and I also just discovered the Fabulous beckman boys and then I asked my boyfriend last night how he would feel about keeping a goat in our small chicago apt ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  13. emily

    1) True blood, you really should read the books if you havent. UH. MA. ZING. Oh and just as porn-tacular. (maybe more actually…)
    2)Freaks and Geeks was so damn good. how can a show with james franco ansd seth rogan not last longer than a season? I just don’t get it!
    3) SATC and Buffy… total guilty pleasures. SATC might not be quite a ‘guilty’ one tho? Other guilty pleasures: Degrassi next generation. is this only in canada? either way, its a horrible guilty pleasure along with vampire diaries. hot boys. nuff said.

    Honestly I wish I had more exciting tv I watched but with a boyfriend who loves his PS3, I’m on the computer more than the tv. (not that im ever ON the tv…)


  14. I looove True Blood! The 2 newest shows I’m into are “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” and, surprisingly, “Hot in Cleveland” with Betty White. It’s SO funny! I highly recommend it.

  15. Yes, yes, yes! True Blood, Mad Men and Dexter are ones that I burn through. Especially since we have to wait until they’re available to rent so I watch an entire season in about a week. We’re currently on season 2 of Mad Men and I was highly upset when Joan’s height and weight was revealed because I’m one inch taller and weigh the same as her but do not have her curves. What gives?! So not fair!

  16. Let’s just say there’s been a huge hole in my week since LOST went off the air. Some of my staple favorites that I will re-watch over and over are: Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks, and Star Trek Next Generation. The only other current TV shows that I really enjoy are Parenthood and Community.

  17. True Blood fan here! I have a major Eric crush. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t watch much else…Masterpiece Theatre on PBS if it’s on. That’s about it!

  18. Tayler

    Everything you mentioned above.
    Californication is awesome too.
    Same with House.

  19. I know I’m seconding some people here, but it’s true. Top two favorites are definitely Firefly and Dead Like Me – they are both practically memorized. Also truly dig Doctor Who (which is probably number 3), Torchwood, Addams Family, Twilight Zone, My Name is Earl, Cowboy Bebop, original Trek, and most things dance-y.

  20. Margie

    I watch entirely too much TV, I admit it. Right now, Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star and summer reruns of Community, Parks & Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, Parenthood and How I Met Your Mother. On Netflix I’m on season 3 of The Wire and waiting for this past season of Dexter to show up. Come on August!

  21. Kelly

    You know, save a few Sex And The City reruns pre-Andrew I have never seen ANY of these. Clearly, I live under a rock.

    Well… I did see about fifteen minutes of Nine By Design once. So we’ll count that.


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