2 Months Freelance

July 30, 2010


I can’t believe it has already been 2 months of full-time freelance. Jeremy and I started the month off by hiking up to the summit of Pike’s Peak. I felt brave and confident – I was ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, once we came home and back to the daily grind I became overwhelmed and reactionary. Even though I was creating some really neat work, I was losing grasp of the vision I had vaguely created for my new career. I have been getting sucked into answering emails every 5 minutes and having my tweet feed open at all times. My to-do lists are becoming pages long. I’ve started working in my pajamas and into the evenings. At times I find myself filled with frustration and am struggling to keep work at work when my job is at home.

I’m also struggling to find the balance between the big picture and the every day.

With all that said, after two months I feel confident enough to set goals and define what I want my days to be like. I want my mornings to be set aside for focusing on blogging and creative work only – while my afternoons will be for administrative work, answering emails, putting systems in place that will make my work to flow efficiently.

Creatively I would like to put more craft into my work. This month I’ve been working on projects that include a lot of hand-drawn type and hands-on packaging. I want to push my creative work to the next level. I need to slow down and focus in order to do this.

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