Bobby Pin Wars and Other Pet Peeves

July 28, 2010



One of Jeremy’s biggest pet peeves (that I know of) is that I like to have bobby pins all over the house – on the edge of the sink, on top of the fireplace, tucked between cushions, on my nightstand… in case I need to pin a piece of hair back, at that very second, I will have a bobby pin just an arm’s reach away. It makes perfect sense to me but it drives Jeremy crazy. He doesn’t understand why I can’t keep them neatly contained in a couple of strategically placed jars in the bedroom and bathroom. It also baffles his left-brained mind as to why I can’t keep my keys in one place so that I don’t have to run around like a crazy person looking for them every time I leave the house.

That kind of organization just isn’t in my nature and I don’t think it ever will be. And Jeremy is very much a place-for-everything-everything-in-its-place kind of guy. I try to be mindful of the bobby pin problem to keep Jeremy from quietly going insane, I really do – but I’m like an addict. I just can’t stop.

What are the little things you do that drives your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate bonkers?

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