Pikes Peak Summit











Pikes Peak:
14,115 feet
Colorado Springs, CO

Barr Trail:
12.6 miles
7,300 ft. elevation climb
Walk-up trail

Our Hike:
9.5 hours
Average heart rate – 160BPM
Burned over 7,000 calories

Saturday night Jeremy and I flew into Denver, Colorado and drove down to Colorado Springs to conquer Pikes Peak. We’ve been wanting to do this for a little while and decided, last minute, to cross it off our bucket list over the 4th of July holiday weekend. It’s also going to be good practice for our Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal later this year (17 days, 19,000 ft.).

We woke up early Sunday morning and hit Barr Trail at 8am to begin our hike. We started off feeling good – at half-way we were tired and developing some pretty nasty blisters but felt confident about making the rest of the hike. The last mile was probably the hardest thing, physically, that either of us have ever endured. Apparently, if you’re from out of state it’s a good idea to acclimatize for a couple of days before tackling a 14er. Oops. The altitude didn’t really hit me like it did Jeremy – but we were both definitely feeling the exhaustion of the long hike.

It really became one step at a time. I tried everything I could to get myself through it. I thought of childbirth. I thought about people climbing Everest. I thought about Kevin Bacon (what!?). I counted 1-100 a few dozen times. And see that picture above with a skull in the clouds? I thought it was a sign that I was going to die. Maybe the altitude was affecting me more than I thought.

But we did it. Under ominous skies, we made it to the top. At that point we didn’t care about photos. We didn’t care about anything at all and we were consumed by pain. We were pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to move the next day but we both woke up craving adventure all over again.

  1. Amie

    Congratulations!! Pikes peak is pretty tough by ways of trekking – We did a short loop when I was much younger but didn’t go all the way to the top. It’s on my bucket list too!!

  2. Em

    1) GOOD JOB!!!!!!!
    2) Skull cloud=id be FREAKED
    3) You my friend are one fit little sex kitten! (did I take that too far with the sex kitten part? oh well too late, my keyboard doesnt have a backspace… …)
    4) Blisters SUCK so kudos to you for continuing through that crapatola.
    5) again, good job!

  3. Kelly

    Ahhh! I LOVE THIS!!! Amazing!

    You blow me away!!!

    And I must have your belt! And your hair! And your belt!!!


  4. kande

    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!

  5. Ashley

    Again, so proud of you. Wish I could have been there!!

  6. wow! wow! wow! congratulations. that is a tremendous accomplishment.

  7. Thanks you guys!

    Em – I have no problem being called a sex kitten. Ha!

    Kelly – I actually thought of you. I was all “I bet Kelly could/would run up this mountain.” F’reals. The belt is Jeremy’s – I had to borrow it when I realized my pants were bigger than I thought.

    Ashley – I really wanted you to be there. I almost packed a PBR for you.

  8. Amazing hike! Have you tried silk liners under your socks? I wore them on a 21 mile backpacking weekend and only got a couple minor bottom of foot blisters, which fail to hurt at all since the bottoms of my feet are so calloused. Definitely worth checking out!

  9. Michelle – We are definitely going to invest in better socks and liners – I think that alone will help quite a bit.

  10. Kevin – I HAVE to watch that movie now. Actually, my friend Ashley saw Kevin Bacon on Pikes Peak – he had summitted and then played a show up top. I became obsessed with this in my high altitude state of mind.

  11. nicole

    Whoa. You and Jeremy are hardcore. Oh, and that skull cloud is CRAZY-awesome! Congrats for kicking that mountain’s ass!

    (p.s. That blister is all kinds of gnarly. I’ve had some blisters in my day, but DAMN girl!)

  12. Looks like an amazing experience!
    I had something similar happen to me once. Got hyped up about hiking to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Maine but once we reached the top it was surrounded in fog and we couldn’t see much 10 feet past our eyes. The hike was worth it, even if we weren’t rewarded my the awesome view at the end.

  13. Jason

    But we’re in the middle of an insane heatwave (It’s 38°C today, that’s like 200°F, I think) I can’t stand to see you in all those clothes!!

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