Next to custom wedding invitations, it turns out that I get a lot of traffic and questions about our striped hallway. It’s still my favorite space in our house but this hand painted less-than-perfect version made my heart hurt a little – like I should’ve done it that way!

Handpainted stripes via Frolic.

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  1. Kelly

    No no no. Not that you asked, but I really prefer yours in your space.

    By the way, I just noticed that your walls are textured a bit, no? Was it difficult because of that?


  2. love these, kathleen. i painted stripes in my dining area this weekend. i went scaredsies at the last minute and did flat/semigloss stripes of the same color. you can barely tell. not enough natural light in that room.

    advice: go big or go home, people.

  3. I think they’re BOTH really awesome — they have their own unique looks, which is cool because they’re both stripes, but so different.

  4. I love your hallway!! Stripes are the best..either way!

  5. Rudi

    Oohhhh yeah- I love your stripey hallway, but there’s a certain ruggish tug in my heart that makes me yearn for those messier stripes at the bottom. Maybe you could paint a dresser or something- or even just a canvas and use it as a cork board of sorts. It would look good in your office.
    Thanks for sharing!! You should know that I look forward to your blog posts more than anyone else’s.

    love, rudi

  6. Rudi – Good call on doing this treatment elsewhere.

    And that’s probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said. Thank you.


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