House Tour: The Case Study

August 19, 2010



Remember when I went completely bonkers over this house I stumbled upon last week? Well, shortly after I posted about it I got an email from the owner of the home offering me a tour of the place. And at that moment my mind was blown by the power of the internet. Then I felt slightly self-conscious.

But, of course, I said yes. Jeremy and I headed over there yesterday and met the very kind owner. He was nothing like the lead villain in Sleeping with the Enemy – so there goes that theory.

+ The view. Amazing.
+ There is reclaimed wood floor in the place that was sourced from the basketball court at UNC. I’m pretty sure Michael Jordan’s DNA could be sampled from it.
+ The seamless transitions from inside to out.
+ Totally geeking out over midcentury modern furniture and architecture.

I’m pretty sure I used the words “beautiful” and “amazing” about a million times but that pretty much sums it up. The place left me beyond giddy.

A big huge thanks to Bill for showing us the place and an equally big thanks to Fitzsimmons Architects for building it. Check out more photos of the place here.

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