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23rd Street

August 24, 2010


Last night I helped some new friends art direct a photo shoot that will help promote a very cool up-and-coming area of Oklahoma City. An area that also just so happens to be down the street from where Jeremy and I live. We’re talking about a shoot full of gorgeous tattooed ladies / entrepreneurs / models who all have what it takes to open a hair salon, vintage boutiques, one-of-a-kind boutiques and a very popular cupcake place. Above is a sneak peek but if you’re local keep your eyes peeled for the final photos.

On that note: I’ve been meeting so many amazing people lately – I’m energized, inspired and almost overwhelmed with all the talent and creativity I’ve been surrounded by lately.

P.S. This shoot was photographed by the very talented Rex Barrett. The photos above are just snapshots from my phone.

Girl Crush: Shakira’s Dreads

August 23, 2010


I tried dreading my hair when I was 15 and it turned out terribly – I ended up cutting them all off and sporting a pixie. But I’m sure no matter what I tried doing to my hair when I was 15 would’ve turned out poorly – that’s just how it is when you’re a teenager. Ever since then I’ve said that dreads are for dirty hippies and gross. But really, who am I to talk? My hair pretty much dreads itself on a weekly basis.

Until I spied these photos of Shakira – I’m totally smitten with her hair! Now, I’m no she wolf so I don’t think I could rock these quite so fabulously… but I’m tempted. (Note: If I were to try and execute this look it would involve professionals and extensions.)

Edit: I’ve got dreads now. Check them out here.

Happy weekend

August 21, 2010


I had to take a little solo road trip yesterday for work and spied this amazing pink bus. I want to take a road trip in it.

What’s everyone up to this weekend?

Jeremy and I are out the door to go to brunch with old and new friends, hanging out with family and more friends, and looking forward to the new episodes of True Blood and Mad Men. I think I may make a batch of banana bread too.

House Tour: The Case Study

August 19, 2010



Remember when I went completely bonkers over this house I stumbled upon last week? Well, shortly after I posted about it I got an email from the owner of the home offering me a tour of the place. And at that moment my mind was blown by the power of the internet. Then I felt slightly self-conscious.

But, of course, I said yes. Jeremy and I headed over there yesterday and met the very kind owner. He was nothing like the lead villain in Sleeping with the Enemy – so there goes that theory.

+ The view. Amazing.
+ There is reclaimed wood floor in the place that was sourced from the basketball court at UNC. I’m pretty sure Michael Jordan’s DNA could be sampled from it.
+ The seamless transitions from inside to out.
+ Totally geeking out over midcentury modern furniture and architecture.

I’m pretty sure I used the words “beautiful” and “amazing” about a million times but that pretty much sums it up. The place left me beyond giddy.

A big huge thanks to Bill for showing us the place and an equally big thanks to Fitzsimmons Architects for building it. Check out more photos of the place here.

Anatomy of an Outfit: Menswear shorts

August 18, 2010

Anatomy of an outfit: Menswear Shorts

Anatomy of an outfit: Menswear Shorts

This entire outfit is about contradictions and compromise:
Exposed leg / covered arms
Conservative cut top / sheer material
Sheer material / flat chest
Pleated menswear shorts / rugged belt
Rugged belt / metallic heels

And to think when I first threw this on I thought it was simple. Plain. Just nice.

Top: Urban Outfitters (recent $5 clearance sale)
Bra: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Target (from a few years ago)
Belt: Target (again, years ago)
Shoes: Target (I know, I’m a huge fan of Target)
Watch: Casio

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