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Anatomy of an Outfit: Loop Scarf

September 30, 2010





Jeremy got me these boots for my twenty-sixth birthday. We’ve been in love ever since – me and the boots – together forever. And then my sister got me this loop scarf for Christmas last year and I had a hard time putting it away as spring turned into summer. I’m built for Fall and my wardrobe is too.

Loop Scarf – Urban Outfitters, a gift from my sister
Cardigan – Target, I’ve had this one for years and am always told I look skinny when I wear it
T-shirt – Urban Outfitters
Floral Skirt – Charlotte Russe, this is a cheapie from one of those generic-slutty-teenager mall stores but I like it
Leggings – Target
Earrings – Target, I wore these sweet little pearl drops when I married Jeremy. Nothing fancy (or real, for that matter) and a departure from my usual gold hoops.
Boots – Frye
Hair – Still long (for me) and crazy and curly, here it is pinned into a nest on the back of my head

Pizza Season

September 29, 2010



Now that the weather is cooling off and it’s not torture to turn my oven as high as it will go I’m excited to start making pizza again. When I make up a batch of dough it makes 6 pies – which is enough to make us for 3 dinners and leftovers for 3 lunches. That’s a lot of pizza. So this week I cut the dough recipe in half and made 4 smaller pies – the crust was so thin it was more like a cracker, which is just the way I like it.

With two evenings of pizza in a row I decided to get a little creative with the toppings (though, really, I’m the kind of person that gets addicted to food and can eat the same thing over and over).

Pizza evening 1:
Garlic and olive oil “sauce”
Shitake Mushrooms
Sliced pears

Pizza evening 2:
Garlic and olive oil “sauce”
Toasted sweet potato slices (tossed with olive oil and dried rosemary)
Monterey Jack Goat Cheese
Dried figs, sliced
Sliced pears
(As always, ingredients in green are local)

What are your favorite pizza toppings? What else should I try?

Urban Trek

September 28, 2010




When I was a kid my favorite things to do were draw and go exploring in the woods. I still like to do both quite a bit. So on Sunday, Jeremy and I put on our hiking boots and went exploring. We found this concrete ditch just behind the highway by our house. When we got to the end we saw a deer! We were completely alone in this huge creepy ditch, traffic whizzing above us and in a fleeting moment saw a deer. I think the little deer was just as shocked to see us. All minds were blown.

I also quickly became obsessed with the juvenile scrawlings we found along the walls of this huge ditch.




Can you imagine being 10 years old, armed with a can of spray paint and have this huge blank concrete wall as your canvas? This unsophisticated graffiti completely hypnotized me. I could pinpoint exactly how it felt, as a kid, to fantasize about having access to a magical door that would take you to a different place – but now instead of this said door taking you to Narnia it takes you to P. Diddy’s house.

Liz’s Place

September 27, 2010

Sunday Stovetop

Cheap Tea Kettle That Won't Die



You guys remember Liz, yes? Nobody inspires me more to purge my things (she threw away her yearbook people! HER YEARBOOK!), drink more tea, and burn more incense like Liz does.


September 26, 2010



This is how I spent my Saturday. Read more about it at Kind of a Sideshow.

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