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The teepee fantasy

September 24, 2010





The other day I was feeling especially overwhelmed (for no good reason) and coped by fantasizing about purging my life of all things and living in a teepee. Not a lot unlike my similar fantasy of getting a retro travel trailer and just exploring the world for a few years.

I’ve been a little obsessed with the idea ever since watching a teepee being built at my friend’s Trout Lake wedding. It was fascinating and hypnotizing.

A few glasses of wine later I was sharing this daydream with Jeremy – and helping him to visualize it on the chalkboard wall in our office. We started brainstorming the few things we would need and made a list of things we would need (as pictured on the chalkboard wall):
• A wood burning stove and a couple of pots
• An axe or hatchet
• A guitar
• A knife
• A tambourine
• Playing cards
• Layered kilim and ikat rugs
• A candle
• A first aid kit
• A lake, boat, fishing poles and tire swing
• A mountain

But then I was slapped in the face with reality just a few days later the power went out in our home and I had no idea what to do with myself. So… I think I’ll stick with the travel trailer fantasy and perhaps take a teepee vacation one of these days.

P.S. Check out this teepee post Hula Seventy just put up!

Tiny Teeth

September 23, 2010



Screen shot 2010-09-23 at 8.37.46 AM

What do you buy a minimalist for her birthday? This is what I kept asking myself as Liz’s birthday approached (September 15, for those wondering). I had a couple factors to keep in mind:
1) Liz lives in a tiny space – so it can’t take up much space
2) She will throw almost all of her belongings away on a whim – so I needed to get her something special and lasting

I started my search in the Plaza District and found these tiny teeth paintings by Ruth Borum at DNA Galleries. I wanted to buy all of them for myself and decided one of these little paintings would be perfect for Liz. She loved it. Phew.

I’ve been a fan of Ruth Ann Borum’s work since we were in art school together. She blew everyone else out of the water and had this strong point-of-view from the get go (which is kind of hard at 19 years old). Almost a decade later, I continue to see and follow her work around Oklahoma City and am always left speechless by her talent.

Here’s what she says about her teeth paintings:
These paintings of teeth are a spin off from my collection of human teeth. I was scouring eBay and saw that there were several listings for recently extracted wisdom teeth, for sale by individuals. This revived an idea i had once about an alter ego: “Cleveland County Tooth Fairy”. I made some business cards in order to get the word out to the community and received several neatly packaged submissions. Between friends, eBay, and “The Cleveland County Tooth Fairy” I have amassed quite a collection. These paintings are a sign of affection for expressive qualities of the extracted human tooth. (Oh look at the way it seems to be walking)

With eggs on top

September 22, 2010



I’ve been asked a couple times why I must throw an egg on top of almost everything I make. Here are just a few reasons:
1) Eggs are delicious
2) I’m not very good at sauces – so an egg on top helps give a dish some depth in both flavor and texture
3) After working out hard I crave eggs. It could be a protein thing.
4) We get a dozen eggs every other week in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) bag from our local farmer who only has happy heritage chickens. I wouldn’t dare let a single one go to waste.

After our 5k run I was craving breakfast for dinner. And as the growing season is winding down I don’t have a ton of veggies to choose from – so potatoes, onions and eggs it is.

I started out by slicing the potatoes about 1/8″ thick. From there I laid them single layer into some hot sunflower oil in my cast iron pan. I layered thinly sliced onions on top and sprinkled spicy taco seasoning on top. In hindsight – I wish I had added some mushrooms to the mix. It took about 10 minutes on each side for the potatoes to brown. Once they were close to being ready I fried some eggs to finish off the dish. Simple and delicious.

Our First 5k

September 21, 2010



Cross-processed photo by Rex Barrett

Last Wednesday we had a couple of our good friends, Micah (in the yellow headband) and James (in blue), over for dinner. When they mentioned running the 5k for AIDS I excitedly imposed and asked if Jeremy and I could run it with them. And of course, they said yes. And of course, I started sketching out our outfits.

Sunday afternoon we slathered on the sunscreen and in the hot hot heat we ran and ran and ran. We passed by a water boy and I dramatically poured it over my head and started dancing like Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance. By the time we got to the second water boy I had no more drama in me and it was a fight to breathe finish. I should explain that I’m not a runner. No way, no how. I’ll run every once in a while for a little exercise but it’s not something I do.

We crossed the finish line at around :33 minutes – and while I was a little disappointed and felt that I had slowed our team down, I was still excited to have finished my first (and probably last) official 5k. However, Jeremy is ready to move on to a half-marathon. If he does, I’ll be the best cheerleader and #1 fan you ever saw.

My Drawers

September 20, 2010



Scooty Boots and Dinahsaur have a favorite place in the whole world – my underwear drawer. If I leave it open for more than a minute there is a kitty cuddle party happening in there.

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