Urban Trek

September 28, 2010




When I was a kid my favorite things to do were draw and go exploring in the woods. I still like to do both quite a bit. So on Sunday, Jeremy and I put on our hiking boots and went exploring. We found this concrete ditch just behind the highway by our house. When we got to the end we saw a deer! We were completely alone in this huge creepy ditch, traffic whizzing above us and in a fleeting moment saw a deer. I think the little deer was just as shocked to see us. All minds were blown.

I also quickly became obsessed with the juvenile scrawlings we found along the walls of this huge ditch.




Can you imagine being 10 years old, armed with a can of spray paint and have this huge blank concrete wall as your canvas? This unsophisticated graffiti completely hypnotized me. I could pinpoint exactly how it felt, as a kid, to fantasize about having access to a magical door that would take you to a different place – but now instead of this said door taking you to Narnia it takes you to P. Diddy’s house.

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