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October 29, 2010


In the Kathmandu airport – on our way to the most dangerous airport in the world at Lukla, Nepal. Flights had been delayed for 3 days due to bad weather and hundreds of trekkers were ready to hit the trail. This photo was taken moments after we had learned the flight just before ours had crashed in Lukla and the plane of was being cleared from the runway before they’d let us board our own twin otter and head that way.

In the past three weeks we flew to the opposite side of the globe, trekked over 100 miles, and up to 18,200 ft. high in the Himalayas. We came a long, long way and saw a lot of amazing things. We had our breath taken away – quite literally at times. We’re home now and I will be posting about our adventure over the next few weeks. I missed you all terribly and can’t wait to see what you all have been up to as well.

Trendy Third

October 28, 2010


About a million years ago I mentioned helping out a friend with a photo shoot (shot by the very talented Rex Barrett). Basically, I helped out with the set and told the girls they look fierce while standing by the photographer. I was kind of just along for the ride while everyone else did the real work of modeling and shooting.

This shoot was put together to help promote the up-and-coming area of 23rd Street in OKC. Now dubbed Trendy Third this area is full of (gorgeous!) young women who own their own businesses. I’ve become friends with a few of these creative ladies and am absolutely energized by their courage and creativity.

If you’re a local save the date – a Trendy Third block party will be held on Saturday, November 13 from 7-10pm (at 23rd and Shartel). There will be cupcakes, live music, shopping and holiday cheer. I’ll be there so if you read this you’ve already got a friend going too. Make sure you say hi!

Dad Style

October 27, 2010


I was getting vaccination shots for Everest when I got this almost frantic call from my dad to meet him at the optometrist downtown and help him pick out some glasses. And so, I picked out some glasses and have been insanely jealous of them ever since. They give my dad’s style just that little extra kick. Not that my dad’s personal style needs a whole lot of help. As you can see, he totally rocks that jumper.

From the inspiration files

October 26, 2010




It took me a long time to embrace imperfections. In life, in my home, in my wardrobe… Even though I made a very conscious decision to buy an old home that needed some work and love I still felt taunted by new builds with crackless walls and 90º angles. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when I go into spaces that have window sills that don’t give birth to dirt every hour on the hour.

And then I see photos like this and find myself fixated on the back of the couch. It’s like that (now trite) American Beauty moment with the bag floating around in the air. It really is beautiful. Perfectly imperfect.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that everything surrounding it is perfectly perfect – though, we can’t see the window sills, now can we?

Image credit: Rebecca Du Pont De Bie and Caroline Cobbold of London’s Cobbold Du Pont Interiors. via Desire to Inspire

Anatomy of an Outfit: The Non-Conformist

October 25, 2010






Just as the weather began to turn cool I threw this outfit on to go pick up some invitations from the printer and grab some half-and-half from the grocery store. When I was checking out said half-and-half the clerk said “I don’t know if you tried really hard to put that outfit together but you look really cute.” I said “thanks” and blushed a little but what I wanted to tell her I’d been putting this outfit together my whole life. That in the 5th grade I would wear zip up Airforce flight suits (found at the Goodwill) to school. Like, on a random Tuesday. And that in middle school I wanted to be Eddie Vedder or Kurt Cobain (their female counterparts were not accessible, too much effort and I was still years away from puberty). I would wear ratty old cardigans and one plaid around my waist with another up top. Plaid on plaid action – which actually inspired this scarf / plaid combo – an outfit I wore in the 7th grade. I was voted most non-conformist in 6th, 7th and 9th grade. They did away with it in the 8th because kids didn’t know what “non-conformist” meant and gave me an even harder time about my knee high argyle socks and camouflage velcro shoes. I think I thrived on freaking my peers out – I almost demanded a reaction. I would like to think that, to them, I was challenging what it meant to get dressed in the morning.

In the 9th grade I graduated to Junior High where kids thought my polyester suits and homemade bell bottoms were rad “but they could never pull it off”. Again, I was voted most non-conformist and when my teacher (who always complimented my outfit choices) told me she was counting ballots a huge number of them went to “Kathleen Turner” (my maiden name was Thomas) and she assumed they meant me. They did.

The 28-year-old me is high-fiving 12-year-old Kathleen when I get compliments on my outfits. We showed them. Even though I feel like I’ve toned it down (or creativity in fashion has become more mainstream) I still get “I could never pull it off” comments. Maybe my highschool superlative is more about the attitude – the way I wear the clothes and not how the articles of clothing wear me. And that’s taken years and years of practice.

Wool coat – Urban Outfitters
Scarf – Urban Outfitters
Plaid – JCPenney’s, mens section
Tee – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – BDG, Urban Outfitters (gah, I’m like the poster child for UO here)
Boots – Frye
Gloves – Target

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