Trendy Third

October 28, 2010


About a million years ago I mentioned helping out a friend with a photo shoot (shot by the very talented Rex Barrett). Basically, I helped out with the set and told the girls they look fierce while standing by the photographer. I was kind of just along for the ride while everyone else did the real work of modeling and shooting.

This shoot was put together to help promote the up-and-coming area of 23rd Street in OKC. Now dubbed Trendy Third this area is full of (gorgeous!) young women who own their own businesses. I’ve become friends with a few of these creative ladies and am absolutely energized by their courage and creativity.

If you’re a local save the date – a Trendy Third block party will be held on Saturday, November 13 from 7-10pm (at 23rd and Shartel). There will be cupcakes, live music, shopping and holiday cheer. I’ll be there so if you read this you’ve already got a friend going too. Make sure you say hi!

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