Anatomy of an Outfit: Houndstooth and Layers

November 19, 2010



I was digging through my storage bins marked Winter Clothes when I found this cardigan I’ve had since I was 16. I found it 12 years ago in the coolest little vintage shop that was run by this woman who kind of looked exactly like Cher to me. She had a cute long-haired, vintage-Levi-bell-bottom wearing husband who probably wrote songs and rolled joints for her. Meanwhile, I was newly 16 and driving a yellow 1973 VW bug and listening to Janis Joplin and The Cure. And I desperately wanted to be this vintage shop owner who looked like Cher – I imagined her life being full of love and adventure and other great things that only come with being an adult. I would shop in her store hoping it would get me a little closer to cool. And so, I love this ratty old cardigan that is a little too short in the arms for me now. The memories that come with it are invaluable.

In the same bin, I also came across my old limited edition Donny Vomit t-shirt. I was in college when Donny was becoming a big enough deal to have a few shirts printed up – and this is one of them. The hat and belt are just as old – items I’ve had for what seems like forever. Somehow they’ve made the cut even when old prom dresses and designer jeans haven’t.

All of this to say – I love having wearable pieces of my own personal history. It reminds me of the person I wanted to be when I was a kid – how I’ve changed and how some things never change at all.

Jeans – 1921 from Blue Seven
Shoes – Eastlands from Ross
Belt – thrifted (at least 10 years old)
T-shirt – Donny Vomit
Cardigan – Garland (vintage – 12 years old)
Hat – Old Navy (at least 8 years old – found on clearance for $1)

Do you have any articles of clothing that you can’t part with? What memories are attached to them?

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