November 28, 2010









Before we left for our grand Everest Base Camp adventure acquaintances and coworkers would ask me and Jeremy if we were climbers and serious hikers – if that’s something we do. Even though we’re a pretty active couple (we enjoy stuff like indoor rock climbing and getting lost in the woods on occasion) I always answered not really – hiking around is not an activity I really identify with myself. But after our trek through the Himalayas, not only do I miss Nepal on a daily basis, but I miss pushing my body, one foot at a time, for up to 8 or 9 hours a day.

The days following Thanksgiving in Oklahoma were gorgeous. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit of cabin fever and convinced Jeremy to hike around the Wichita Mountains – just a two hour drive from Oklahoma City. It felt good to lace up my boots again. We walked along the Bison trail – at just under 6 miles long, completely flat (Oklahoma flat, not Nepalese flat) and at only 1,600 ft. high we couldn’t help but compare (or contrast, rather) it to our experience in Nepal. I mean, we could breathe! We weren’t too exhausted to wander off the trail and explore a little bit! Without a doubt, this part of Oklahoma is gorgeous and magical in it’s own way. And it’s home – that’s something Nepal doesn’t have on this flat little range tucked away in the corner of Oklahoma.

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