Nepal Day 16: Back to Namche Bazaar


This morning we ate breakfast and tried to avoid the spectacular view of the hill across Phortse that we were going to have to tackle today. We’re close enough to being done with our trek that we’re ready to get back to Kathmandu.




We packed up and made our way out of the sleepy, quiet town of Phortse. We saw a baby yak – probably just about a week old – I wanted to pick it up and take it home with me. So sweet. We made our way down a steep trail until we crossed the river. We took an extended break to prepare us for the huge hill ahead of us.



We were supposed to be trekking a full 8-9 hours today through Namche Bazaar and to a town called Monjo. But with an altitude sick trek mate our guide decided it would be best to stay the night in Namche Bazaar.



We stayed in the tea lodge that we had spent 3 nights in on our – it was nice to be in such a familiar place where we knew the food was good and the toilets were clean. We went into town and did a little more shopping and ate chocolate cake. We ate our favorite meals and watched an Everest documentary with Sherpas and trekkers. We enjoyed how thick the air felt at only 11,000 feet – the same air that was so thin on our way up just less than two weeks before.

Tomorrow we make our way down to Lukla – it will be our last day to trek through the Himalayas.

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  1. Namache Bazaar looks gorgeous. Love the hues of the roof tops. lovely pics!

  2. coleface

    Please tell me that you are making all of these images and enteries into a coffee table book. The graphics are clever, the story engaging, and the photos are inspiring. It would have your guests flipping through your book biting their nails (discreetly flicking them under your couch) and leaving feeling like they too ca n conquer the world. Good job ma!

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