Nepal Day 17: Return to Lukla




One of the best things about this trek is never knowing which day it is. Monday, Friday, Sunday… whatever. It’s all the same. But on this day, Day 17, it started to matter that I was 8 days late. Yes, that kind of late. Jeremy and I spent a couple of late nights, squeezed onto a single twin size cot in our -15F down sleeping bags, whispering about what if…

So on day 17 when we started our long hike to Lukla and one of our trek mates asked us if we want to have kids one day. Jeremy and I exchanged grins. I had a lot to think about on Day 17 aka 8 Days Late. What if…





And just like that there were babies everywhere. And I started getting excited about the whole idea of what if…

What if I am…
And we brought a baby to the top of the world and back.
Can we name it Ever? or Buddhi? or Babu?
Will I still be able to work out?
Will we still be able to travel?
I guess we should finally fix that door down to the basement…

As we got closer to Lukla we started passing groups that had just started. All fresh faced and clean – a stark contrast to our burnt and weathered faces, our baggy clothes and dirty hair. Just two weeks ago we were those people – as we trace our steps back to Lukla it’s easy to see that we’ve come so far.



After our very long day of hiking and thinking about the big what if we finally made it to Lukla, the happiest town in the whole world. We made it to our tea lodge and were ecstatic to find our room had a big double bed and a bathroom attached to our room.

After tea and dinner we found an Irish pub across the street. The place was filled with neon lights, a dance floor, a pool table and darts. The DJ plugged in Jeremy’s iPod and we listened to Mumford and Sons. Jeremy had a Guinness and I only had a sip of Bailey’s because you know… what if… We played pool and darts with our sherpas. And as the evening became night the place turned into a big dance party. Never in my life did I ever think I would be shaking it in an Irish Pub in Nepal with sherpas. It’s a scene I will never forget.

We left the pub at 10PM but it felt like closing time. The trail and town was dead silent and we crawled into our big double bed and said good night.

  1. Okay, now I really need more chapters. Talk about a cliffhanger!!!

  2. Em

    Hahaha you are so bad!!!
    Does altitude affect your period?
    (Did you use a diva cup and forget about it? hahahaha that’s so gross sorry.)

    P.s. Will I still be able to work out? haha.

  3. Melanie

    Hi! My name is Melanie, and I’m a recently hooked reader of your blog! I actually found you through Design Crush, which I also love.

    Your Nepal trip sounds amazing! Listening to Mumford and Sons with dancing sherpas…all the while, being ‘that type of late’ sounds like pretty much the best thing ever.

  4. Melanie

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  5. Sara

    ahhh, cliffhanger!
    your travel stories were already the best ive read on a blog and now this…

  6. Melanie

    Did you use a tilt-shift lens on your landscape photos?

  7. Melanie,
    No, I have a little Canon G10 point-and-shoot and do some post work in Photoshop.

  8. You did not. You did NOT. Omg. I don’t even know what to say.

  9. how did i get so involved in your life?!?

    day 18 post better come quickly.

  10. jasmine

    um, kathleen! NOT FAIR.

    day 18 today, not tomorrow, please?

  11. Haha, you guys! I promise to let you know first thing tomorrow morning.

  12. coley

    how exciting! my husband and i hiked the incan trail this year in peru. although it wasn’t this intense, reading your updates have made me so nostalgic. can’t wait to see what happens next! xo

  13. Coley – Did you do Macchu Picchu!? I’ve heard nothing but great stories from friends who have hiked that trail. It’s definitely on my list of places to go.

  14. Love the sanskrit writing (i think thats what it is?) and the picture of the two little boys and their puppy. Love these photos so much!


  15. Angela,
    Those were the first children that actually requested having their photo taken. Most of the time the kids avoided cameras completely.

    The Tibetan Sanskrit is the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra – there was an audio version of it that the tea lodges would play in the morning. It was truly beautiful.

  16. katbird

    Not fair! Early post tomorrow please!

  17. NOT FAIR. it’s first thing in the morning BTW.

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