Pizza: Deconstructed

November 19, 2010



Sweet potato and goat cheese flatbread with caramelized onions, rosemary and a garlic olive oil sauce.

I do all the cooking around here. Jeremy used to help me prep but washing, chopping and dicing but I’ve taken over those duties as of late as well. Those kinds of things hypnotize me and calm me down after a long day.

So now, Jeremy acts as the ingredient taster. No matter what I’m making – from raw bread dough to roasted beets to shredded cheese he’s always sneaking a taste. So the other evening as I was making this pizza I decided to be sweet and make Jeremy his own little dish with all the deconstructed ingredients. And get this! He ate the cheese and threw everything else back! So it’s not about tasting the ingredients so much – it’s about the act of sneaking of the ingredients. Go figure.

P.S. The Everest updates will continue through next week – we’ve still got trek back down (going a slightly different route), fly back to Kathmandu and celebrate.

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