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Farewell, Twenty-Ten.

December 31, 2010

Each year seems to get better and at the end of it I’m hesitant to say goodbye. But I love new beginnings and a New Year is a perfect time for reinvention. But first – a reflection on what made twenty-ten the best year yet.



Last year I made a resolution to eat local, whole foods as much as possible. I’ve been a vegetarian for half my life now and half way through the year Jeremy joined me in not eating meat. I’ve made countless meals and have learned so much about cooking.



In March we celebrated our first year of marriage by making a big list. Number 1 on the list was trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp.



In May I officially (and happily) entered my late twenties. I started feeling restless and by the end of the month I had quit my job as senior art director at the advertising agency I had been at for 5 years to pursue my own freelance career. With 28 I’ve really come into my own – I’ve really started to define who I am and who I will become.



I had big dreams for new beginnings but I found the change didn’t come easy. I still have a lot to learn and figure out regarding my new career (and how to balance it with living life) but I’ve finally found my swagger and am entering the new year feeling good about the work I’m creating.



We spent a good part of our year prepping for our trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp. And with that we decided to hike to the top of Pike’s Peak – after a very long day, we made it to the top. When we came back down we felt charged and excited – not just about our summit but about our lives together. What we’re doing now and what’s next.



In 2010 Jeremy and I quit our daily What We Wear project and I started my Anatomy of an Outfit series. I’m no longer dressing for client meetings or to impress coworkers. I love fashion and I love expressing myself through what I choose to wear. Through Anatomy of an Outfit I’ve determined that my personal style is Apocalypse Chic. If the end of the world happens on any given day I want to be dressed appropriately for it – even if that means I’m incredibly inappropriate for a Tuesday afternoon.



I’m most sad to say goodbye to twenty-ten because the further I will be from Nepal. In October we trekked to Mt. Everest Base Camp and I spent the month of November recapping the adventure. Upon our return I knew that we had had a grand adventure – but it took a couple months of settling back in for me to fully realize how much the experience has left me forever changed – and for that I am grateful.


And that brings us to right here – December 31, 2010. Jeremy and I had an amazing year and we did it together – side-by-side. And I’m so thankful to have been able to share our adventures and life together with you all – my blog buddies. Thank you for your friendship, energy, and thoughts – you guys inspire me to no end.

So with that… farewell, twenty-ten. You were a good year.

Little Gifts

December 30, 2010

From Jeremy: necklace from Collected Thread

From my brother: ampersand and k type

I received some amazing gifts this Christmas but some of my favorites came in the smallest packages.

Anatomy of an Outfit: Vintage Jacket

December 29, 2010



Let me paint a picture for you: I have this friend named James. He’s really tall and muscular with a shaved head and some serious facial hair. He’s usually wearing work boots and tan overalls OR work boots, basketball shorts and a camouflage hoodie. He shoots his own turkey at Thanksgiving and loves biscuits and gravy topped with chicken fried chicken. (Yet, we get along splendidly.)

So you’ll imagine my surprise when he got me this super fabulous vintage jacket for Christmas. It was so thoughtful and it fits perfectly. I’m looking forward to layering it on top of all sorts of things but started with my favorite plaid.

Jacket – Vintage from Mister Rabbit
Red Plaid – JCP
White tee – Urban Outfitters
Shiny Leggings – Target
Boots – Frye

Hair Feathers

December 28, 2010



A couple weeks ago I casually remarked in this post that I think I’d like to put feathers in my hair and just days later Plume Your Hair emailed me asking me if I’d like to try a few out (without asking for anything, like a blog review, in return). I was thrilled – and of course I wanted to share the look and experience with you all.

First, I picked out three feathers. I went with a mix of Grizzly Dark Bar Ginger, Grizzly Natural and long Golden Straw. I wanted the feathers to be neutral and kind of blend in with my hair.


The feathers came with a great instruction sheet but I modified the process a little to make it easier for me. Basically, what you want to do is get your hair through the teeny tiny bead, slide the feather through the bead with the hair and then crimp the bead flat with pliers. I threaded a loop of little dental floss through the bead – then my hair through the floss and pulled everything through that way. Then Jeremy assisted me by putting the feather in through the bead and crimping everything down with pliers.


I placed these feathers in the hair right above my ear. I did the black and white one a little higher and together crimped the brown and yellow feathers a little lower. I’m really excited about the results. I’m considering ordering one or two more black and white feathers to place a little higher on my head – just under my natural part. I think these are subtle enough I can get away with it without looking like a bird or fishing tackle.

Thanks again, Plume Your Hair!

P.S. I originally found these feathers via Merl – they look fantastic in her hair!

Identity: Clyde’s Rebirth

December 28, 2010



One of my favorite things to do is design for small businesses. My dream job would be to design a restaurant or boutique from top to bottom – we’re talking logo, identity collaterals (business card, letterhead, envelopes), signage, rack cards, print ads, web site and even helping with the interior design such as paint colors, furniture and textiles. But enough dreaming and back to reality.

I was thrilled when the super stylish Merl Kinzie approached me to help her develop an identity for her jewelry line Clyde’s Rebirth. Not only did she want me to design a logo but she also wanted me to brainstorm creative ways to package her product in an eco-friendly way.

After a discovery process I learned that the name Clyde’s Rebirth was born from Merl’s obsession with her cat (named Clyde), sparkly glittery jewelry, and the need to recycle and reduce her footprint. For me the name evokes almost a mythical story to be told. Merl loves grey and orange. She definitely wanted to include a cat paw and use a lowercase typeface. She told me about an idea she had of the paw coming out of a flower bud but beyond those things she let me have at it.


I started sketching on paper and from there moved a few of my ideas onto the computer for a more polished execution. I knew I wanted to use metallic neutrals – gold and grey – to represent the timeless materials Merl uses in her jewelry. I also wanted to visually show the modern application of repurposed materials by contrasting a modern typeface (which I then additionally modified) with a more vintage looking logo mark.



Merl chose the logo that was inspired by her idea of the paw coming out of the flower bud. I also love that it looks as if the paw is sitting on a pedestal. Merl asked that we tweak and refine the colors ever so slightly and I was happy to oblige. Otherwise, she didn’t have a single revision to the design.

I will often create both a horizontal and stacked logo for my clients to be used in appropriate applications. For example, a blog header might use the horizontal logo to fill the space, while a small tag might use the stacked version.

I was so excited to create a logo identity for such a talented designer like Merl.

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