Hair Feathers

December 28, 2010



A couple weeks ago I casually remarked in this post that I think I’d like to put feathers in my hair and just days later Plume Your Hair emailed me asking me if I’d like to try a few out (without asking for anything, like a blog review, in return). I was thrilled – and of course I wanted to share the look and experience with you all.

First, I picked out three feathers. I went with a mix of Grizzly Dark Bar Ginger, Grizzly Natural and long Golden Straw. I wanted the feathers to be neutral and kind of blend in with my hair.


The feathers came with a great instruction sheet but I modified the process a little to make it easier for me. Basically, what you want to do is get your hair through the teeny tiny bead, slide the feather through the bead with the hair and then crimp the bead flat with pliers. I threaded a loop of little dental floss through the bead – then my hair through the floss and pulled everything through that way. Then Jeremy assisted me by putting the feather in through the bead and crimping everything down with pliers.


I placed these feathers in the hair right above my ear. I did the black and white one a little higher and together crimped the brown and yellow feathers a little lower. I’m really excited about the results. I’m considering ordering one or two more black and white feathers to place a little higher on my head – just under my natural part. I think these are subtle enough I can get away with it without looking like a bird or fishing tackle.

Thanks again, Plume Your Hair!

P.S. I originally found these feathers via Merl – they look fantastic in her hair!

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