I’ve always liked Kanye West. He might be a bit of an acquired taste but I love him. His music, his style, his girlfriend and even his abrasive attitude towards pretty much everything. The man is undeniably talented.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long – but last night I carved out 30 minutes of my evening to watch Kanye West’s full-length film Runaway. And my mind was blown and my heart ached – in a good way. I quickly became sad and jealous that not only was I not on the team of creatives that brought this work to life but that I’m not a bird or even a ballerina.

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  1. Judith

    Kanye lyrics that make me think of you:

    So if the Devil wear Prada/
    Adam and Eve wear nadda/
    I’m in between but way more fresher/
    With way less effort

    xo, judie

  2. i’m obsessed. with the whole cd. i’ll admit it.

  3. Laura

    Kanye sucks as a person but everything he creates is amazing. I feel the same way about Conor Oberst.

  4. i watched that video when it first came out and was just blown away…it’s visually spectacular….it made me want to be more creative overall…or a ballerina…

    & selita ebanks (the bird) is so beautiful it’s kinda maddening…

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