Anatomy of an Outfit: Crazy Legs




Have I ever told you guys I’m not really a cat person? I’m not. I never had any growing up – we always had dogs – the first being a sweet German Shepherd named Ralph. And the truth is, I’ve been a little dog crazy lately. I want a big dog that could rescue me off the top of a mountain but also spoon me next to a fire. However, I don’t see this happening any time in the near future – so instead I’m trying to teach Mister Scooty Boots how to love me like a dog would. To let me kiss on him, give him a good scratch him behind the ears and get him to come to me on call. He’s still warming up to the whole deal.

Boots – Report (I’ve had these for about 10 years now – I’m finding all of my favorite clothes to be from the turn of the century)
Leggings – Olive and Tweed (I think a big dog would go nicely with these)
Tee & Scarf – Urban Outfitters
Cardigan – Target

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  1. ~abi~

    oh, how i envy the gap between your thighs! hahaha! that’s my fitness and weight loss goal…thighs that don’t touch! πŸ˜‰
    but seriously, you look amazing, and i love those tights!

  2. Jenny

    This outfit is freaking ADORABLE! I want to run out and build one just like it for a birthday party I have to attend tonight!

  3. If you’re thinking about a big rescue dog, I’ve got to suggest a retired racing greyhound.

    These guys are the SWEETEST pets and there are hundreds that need good homes since lots of racetracks are closing because of the bad economy. They hardly ever bark, don’t shed much, and don’t need tons of exercise like you might think. Seriously, they are the most low-maintenance big dogs you can imagine, but are super lovey.

    OKC’s local greyhound adoption group is Hounds of the Heartland:

    Sorry for the ad. I love my greyhounds and volunteer with the OKC group.


    PS Your tights are awesome.

  4. Emily – Thanks for the links! I would definitely be interested in rescuing a dog (older, preferably).

  5. Zaida

    My boyfriend totally has a dog-like cat. He comes when called, he likes being loved on, he’ll lay on your lap for hours, he sleeps in the bed with us…but he also hogs the blanket, hides in cabinets and drinks bath water. He’s what you might call special…

  6. Em

    Those are AWESOMEEEEE Leggings lady! I think I need to kidnap you.

  7. Holy crap. I remember those boots. Specifically, that seam that goes across the top. They were all over the Alloy catalogs at that point in time. Whoa, nostalgia. I dig.

  8. abchao

    This is a most apocalyptic outfit. PS You can borrow my dog for your photos anytime.

  9. janis

    the wall behind you + those tights are both just so fantastic…

  10. SJ – I know, right!? These boots are so oh-oh.

    AB – It was photos of your dog on Flickr that made me get all dog crazy!

  11. We have a dog-like cat. I grew up with a dog, and was always a dog person, but my husband’s cat is awesome. And I occasionally slip up and refer to him as the sweetest dog ever. Oops! πŸ™‚

  12. We have a rescued Husky who is the sweetest! I don’t know if he’d rescue us off a mountain, but he does love to hike and also snuggles up with us.

    When you’re ready, there are a ton of Husky rescues who prescreen to ensure that your future dog will be ok with cats – ensuring harmony at home! πŸ™‚

  13. i NEED the leggings! can i buy them online… or from you… ha!

    great blog!

  14. I. could. never. wear. that. ever.


    πŸ™‚ Cat is cute but you would be extra cute with a big dog! We have a German Shepherd. Her name is Lily Beast. She is insane, sweet, loyal and has a stomach of steel. πŸ™‚ She would really like the boots!


  15. ok, so i have to ask…what kind of headbands do you use? we have similar hair…and i have a tiny head (do you??) and i can not find a headband that will stay on my head to save my life. it’s so annoying. advice?

  16. Anna – I have a HUGE head. In marching band I wore the same size hat as the tuba players if that says anything.

    I think these are that cheap scuunci brand – they have a strip of silicone on the back to help keep them in place.

  17. i have a ginormous dome as well. coupled with big ol’ curls half the time and it’s impossible for me to find hats that look good.

    but the point of this comment was it’s really a good time for you to get a dog, while you’re working from home. i so want a dog but i’m never home so it would just be mean.

  18. you are so awesome for answering people’s silly (mine) questions. i feel like we could be real life in okc friends. well, im in edmond…but you know. same thing. and poooooooo i only buy the cheap scunnci brand. they STILL fall off. like, if i i move my head to the side…off. i remember trying them while running. that was fun…holding my hands to ymy head while on a public treadmill & running to try to keep it in place. i think im doomed. and plastic head bands hurt behind the ears. i’ve even tried the kids fabric stretchy ones and still…fail. doomed, i tell you. p.s. i just want you to know that i have not stopped harassing via email and still have questions regarding paper. im in love with your art nouveau invites and want that lined paper for some new note cards im going to make. i want to bug jason g. unless i should go somewhere else. ….i guess that was the email. ugh…im up too late..damn insomnia.

  19. p.s. you did the cosmetic surgery alliance ads. LOVE!!!

  20. Anna – I pulled the plug on being nice today when someone asked me what typeface I used. I suppose because this is my livelihood there is a line to be crossed. But ask away when it comes to hair! πŸ˜‰

    And yes! I did the CSA branding campaign (print & TV) while I was at Third Degree Advertising. They were so much fun to work with.

  21. Oops – I meant to clarify – when someone asked me what typeface I used on my invitations that they were replicating from home. Ha.

  22. well, i certainly don’t want to copy your work. was just curious about the lovely paper. understood.

  23. Anna – Of course! Definitely use your print vendors as a resource. Jason works closely with me and can spec it out for you. πŸ™‚

  24. Those look foxy. And I’m pretty excited about the fact that I was there when the purchase was made. I think that makes me kind of a big deal. Just sayin.

  25. Amy – If I were any sort of big deal it would definitely make you a big deal. But I’m not. HOWEVER, AB was there. And did you realize she IS a big deal (did you see the back of Anthology!?) – so that does in fact make us BOTH a big deal by association. So there.

  26. Monique

    Love love love it!

  27. Natalie

    Dang those leggings are great! And I feel ya on the dog thing, I got a cat (on accident) and forced him to be more like a dog, so he’s a little strange. And now I have a 125lb newfoundland. She’s awesome. If I live closer you could totally borrow her for rescuing and spooning.

  28. Li

    man – i had so much fun to go through you posts – dogs and cats aside, the outfit photos are total rad – love the neutral tones and and jacquard leggings … and you look greeeeat!!! xx

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