Breakfast for Dinner: Indian style



A few nights ago I was craving breakfast for dinner but I was also craving Indian food – so I combined the two and came up with this meal. The parathas were the shining star of this meal. I’ve been attempting various Indian quick breads for a while now and this has been the most successful batch I’ve made. I was inspired by a recipe I found at Holy Cow! Vegan (one of my favorite food blogs) but found the recipe here super helpful.

I made the potatoes by cubing a boiling .5″ – 1″ chunks of potato until soft. Then I heated some oil in a pan and added the potatoes and spices to that – I found the spices were clumping so I added a bit of water to the pan to get them to disperse a little – the water boiled off and when the potatoes were browned a little I added a bag of spinach to the mix and turned off the heat.

And yes, I get the irony that I’ve linked two vegan blogs in a food post that also features eggs. As of right now I’ve cut way back on dairy and for whatever reason I’m not as disturbed by (local) eggs. I’m usually an all or nothing kind of gal but I’ve found being more moderate in my part-time vegan approach to work for me. But more on that later!

  1. you should try stuffed parathas next time, very typical Indian breakfast and a great way to use up left over veg curry from the day before! easy to make, my dad taught me the recipe. you eat them with homemade yogurt and mango pickle — hands down the best meal on earth!

  2. Julie

    Really wish that we had met at Alt…I just spent a 1/2 hour looking through your Nepal pictures and it must have been absolutely amazing. I’m a big traveler, but after seeing those I feel like my trips are tiny! Good for you both that you did that, it must have felt like such a remarkable achievement! xo

    ps..that indian breakfast looks so good:)

  3. i love breakfast for dinner. this looks pretty damn deelish.

  4. Margie

    Genius! I want to sop up my eggs with some naan.

  5. Personally eating local and as fresh as reason permits is better than being a strict vegan. Sometimes you have to eat sane.

  6. ~abi~

    i hope these food posts eventually lead to a cookbook! 🙂 they all look delish, and the photos and illustrations are perfect.

  7. Monica

    Kathleen, you have made me decide that I need to start taking pics of my meals. I love seeing what you are having for dinner (especially when it is breakfast). I have made two recipes lately that both my husband and I have loved and seem like something you would make/enjoy. We are really into quinoa lately. One recipe is for stuffed portabello mushrooms, you can find it on my blog. The other is for stuffed red peppers, it came from shape magazine,
    My husband and I were just discussing last night that it does cost more to eat more healthily. We have been branching out and eating a lot more veggies and fish and both feel great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Abi – Designing a cookbook is a dream job, for sure. However, I don’t have the confidence (or time) it takes to create recipes and write one for myself. But thank you for the compliments!

    Monica – It’s so interesting the amount of money we’re NOT willing to spend on good food in America (in general). I think by designating a larger portion of my budget to buying good food is also investing in my health and future. We are what we eat! It’s worth the extra dollars. Thanks for the recipes!

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