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Alt – The Summer Camp Experience

January 24, 2011






I have to admit – I went into Alt Summit almost expecting to regress to my uncomfortable middle school self. I had this fear that I would be the equivalent of the awkward kid eating alone in the cafeteria. But instead I got the summer camp experience I never had – chock full of making a dozen new best friends forever, lots of hugs, a little bit of gossip, wine and potato chips, unexpected periods, and weepy goodbyes. I left inspired (and slightly overwhelmed) – not necessarily by the actual sessions (though, those were great) but by all the incredibly talented people I met. Real deal folks who think big and aren’t afraid to take on the world.

Everest Luck

January 21, 2011



I came home from Nepal with three tiny little rocks from Mount Everest Base Camp tucked away in the safest corner of my backpack. Now they live in a little corner of our built-in bookshelf. Stacking three rocks is said to bring good luck and make wishes come true – at least that’s what Buddhi told me. But really, these three little rocks remind me that an adventure that started out as a dream (and is now, once again, starting to feel like a dream) was in fact very real. And if they happen to bring me a little luck, I’ll take it.

Girl Crush: Michelle Martin-Coyne

January 20, 2011



A lot of you might be familiar with Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne but are you aware of his badass wife? You might also know her as the girl in the video She Don’t Use Jelly that hit MTV air waves in ’93. Anyways, this girl crush is a little atypical because Michelle Martin-Coyne isn’t a mega-celebrity and I often see her and her rockstar husband out and about – we live in the same little town and even share friends. But I think she’s just so unabashedly cool – and talented to boot.

So, let’s hear it. Who are you girl crushing on lately?

Images pulled from Wayne Coyne’s Twitter – not always safe for work (unless you work from home like me) but always entertaining.

Anatomy of an Outfit: ’70s Butt

January 19, 2011


I scored these vintage Levi’s at my friend Keri’s vintage shop Mister Rabbit. I love that they give me total ’70s butt – and all along I thought women of that era were just born with long, flat butts.

Jeans – Vintage Levi’s
Shoes – Vintage Aerosoles
Tank – F21
Vest – BCBG MaxAzria
Earring – Shop Good

P.S. Mister Rabbit is shutting it’s doors at the end of the month and has priced everything to sell at 50% off! So if you’re a local go now!

And Kathleen Business Cards

January 18, 2011



When I was hired on as an art director at my previous advertising job I wouldn’t put any personal effects on my desk until I had business cards printed up with my name on them. To me it was a sign that I wasn’t temporary – that I would be around long enough to hand out at least 250 business cards.

I’ve been freelancing for 7 months now and am finally starting to feel like the situation isn’t temporary. So I finally designed and printed up some business cards. I’m in this for the long haul – or at least long enough to hand out 500 business cards. That and writing my contact information on napkins was becoming embarrassing.

These are printed using two-color lithography on chip board (the stuff that usually backs notepads) and are 2″ square. Now I’m itching to print some wedding invitations on this material. Any takers?

Special thanks to Julie at Heritage Press for never making fun of me when I ask her to do stuff like print on stock that usually ends up in the trash.

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