It’s a beautiful spring day (in the middle of winter) here in Oklahoma. I think I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon working in the backyard, soaking up some sun and making lists for my weekend.

This weekend might include:
• Getting lost in the woods with my nephews
• Beers and sweet potato fries with friends
• Sleeping in
• Rock climbing
• Stretching and painting a canvas (or 2)
• Cooking up a new recipe

What do you all have planned for the weekend?

  1. I’m leaving for Las Vegas in a few hours to celebrate my 26th birthday!! So, my weekend will include:

    – happy sounds of slot machines
    – king-sized bed to snuggle in
    – sleeping in
    – getting star-struck at the Pawn Stars shop
    – and probably lots of drinking and dancing

    Enjoy your weekend!! Painting sounds so fun and relaxing right now. Especially outside in the open air.

  2. Happy Birthday, Amy! Live it up in Vegas! I must recommend the buffet in the Paris hotel – it’s pricey but worth it.

  3. Jenny

    We’re headed down to Hatteras (Outer Banks,NC) to our vacation home. This weekend will include replacing water damaged fascia boards, sanding and painting the ones that are salvagable, and installing a new door to the laundry room! With the warm(-ish) forecast, I’m also hoping to get in a walk on the beach!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Jenny – I read your first line and thought “GAH! I need a vacation home!” but then I proceeded through the rest of your comment and am not so jealous anymore. 😉

    Have fun remodeling and definitely make time for that walk on the beach!

  5. nicole

    It’s a lovely “spring” day here in Little Rock, Arkansas, too! I’d love to spend all day Saturday outdoors, hanging out with my dogs, snapping a few “family” photos and reading a good book. Enjoy the sunshine! xo.

  6. Hey Kathleen!

    We bought a house (small) a year ago… and cannot seem to keep up with it. I’m totally overwhelmed by the cleaning… upkeep… etc. It seems like you have such a great balance of work and fun — would you ever consider doing a “Matters” post on your (and Jeremy’s) “keeping house” routine/tips?


  7. Have an offer on a house in negotiations so the weekend will likely be spent getting our home to be put on the market (if the negotiations pan out). If it all falls through at least we’ll have all of those niggly forgotten projects completed, right? -Jen

  8. Laura – The simple answer is “Jeremy does it all.” but I will definitely do a post regarding our housekeep!

    Arriving – Eeee! I’m crossing my fingers for you.

  9. Em

    Awww, all of those things sound amazing. Mine will probably include
    – another day of snowboarding (YAY)
    – another night of too much gin (YAY?)
    – outdoor outfit pictures
    AND whatever the heck else wants to jump in between those appointments.
    have a great weekend kathleen!! [and jeremy ;)]

  10. Pixie

    My plans include digging out from under the snow and grocery shopping before the next storm hits later in the week. Gah!

  11. Mel

    My weekend, which is already half over by now in Australia involves:
    – return of cricket season for #1 son
    – take #2 son to a birthday party
    – watch all 3 boys play with our neighbours on the street while having a cup of with the mums
    – take #2 son and family to Sydney Olypmic Park water park for his 8th birthday then come home for spaghetti bog and chocolate fudge cake

    I have just found your blog and love it, especially the Nepal part as we trekked to Langtang back in 1999 and it brings back lots of memories!


  12. katbird

    I was so jealous when I read this post yesterday, but then woke up to sunny skies and almost 60 degrees here today in NC! Happy weekend!

    We are printing and packaging our wedding invitations, going on a bike ride, and having an indian food feast with friends!

  13. Mel – how cool that you trekked Langtang! I want to go back so bad.

    Kat – That’s my kind of weekend! I can’t wait to see your invites!

  14. There’s really nothing like sweet potato fries. I just came back from the farmer’s markets and my friend and I are off on a hike this afternoon. Best part about San Diego: we’ve got nice weather even in January. Have fun this weekend!

  15. hey kathleen, i’ve passed on a blogger award to you via my blog. come check it out. its fun to do when you’ve got blogger’s block. 🙂



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