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Anatomy of an Outfit: Black on Black

February 28, 2011



I used to think black clothing was a total cop-out. But now I’m thinking about dedicating 1/3 of my wardrobe to this color (and the other 2/3rds to white and grey).

If you could only wear a handful of colors for the rest of your life what would they be?

Boots – Frye
Leggings – Target
Tee – BCBG
Scarf – Thrifted

Identity: Mo Vintage

February 28, 2011



When Merl approached me to rebrand her custom jewelry line Clyde’s Rebirth she also asked me to design a logo for her vintage apparel shop, Mo Vintage. (Fun side note: both shops are named after Merl’s cats, Clyde and Mo.) Merl knew that she wanted Mo Vintage to be a little more fun and cheeky than the Clyde’s Rebirth brand – so with that I paired a refined serif typeface and flourish with a more ghetto fabulous graffiti typeface. I married the two by making the dot in the “i” part of the paint splatter.


Clyde’s Rebirth and Mo Vintage are two different identities but we both agreed that it would be ideal if they were cohesive with each other. I did this by utilizing the same color palette within both logos.


Being environmentally conscious and friendly is important to Merl – so another task she charged me with was to think of a creative way to make eco-friendly packaging and tags for her merchandise. I started brainstorming things like printing on recycled chip board and having custom-made tissue paper with her logo on it. But the most eco-friendly option we landed on was having rubber stamps made out of her logo. Merl has since been stamping leftover chipboard & cardboard from shipping supplies and tagging her merchandise with that. And then instead of tissue paper she wraps her goods in vintage scarves! So fun.

Thanks again, Merl, for hiring me to design some fun logos for your shops!

Anatomy of an Outfit: Striped

February 25, 2011



Black and white stripes have to be accompanied by red lips, right? Isn’t that a rule somewhere?

I wore this outfit to go to lunch with my dad where I had a BLT (hold the bacon, add avocado) with fries and LOTS of mustard. He had chicken fried chicken and told the waiter to hold the chicken and add avocado – I love that after 15 years of being a vegetarian it’s still funny.

Anyways, we had lunch and I told him all about how busy I am and detailed the projects I’m currently working on. After we ate I then drove him by the cutest house in the world that Jeremy and I are in the process of buying. We got out of the car and inspected things that dads like to look at – things like the foundation and brickwork, and whether or not it had cracks. And not only did my dad approve he was straight up proud – which left me feeling like no matter how scary and overwhelming things may get that everything is going to be okay.

After that I came home and busted out an invitation design for a client. That evening my dad texted me to ask if they liked it. They loved it.

Cardigan & Leggings – Target
Striped Tank – F21
Denim shorts – I Heart Ronson (Charlotte Ronson for JCP)
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Eastland
Necklace – from Collected Thread


February 24, 2011





The word of the day is focus.

My to-do list is spilling over from my chalkboard wall (used to get a glimpse at my overall project-load), to my Google Calendar (to manage lunch dates and meetings), to a notebook page (to mark off actionable tasks), to my hand (to remind me to email somebody).

I like to save my work posts for my monthly freelance recaps but right now work is pretty much all I’ve got. Slammed is the word that comes to mind. To do anything but focus is not even an option.

After I get through this wave of jobs I’m going to take a mini-vacation. I’m going to lead Jeremy by the hand to a cabin in the woods to unplug and reset. To refocus and remind myself what I’m working so hard for.

Anatomy of an Outfit: Layered Tanks

February 23, 2011



I don’t have much to say about this outfit except for the fact that I lived in it this weekend. And that I threw it on again yesterday when I had unexpected back-to-back meetings all day. Oh and the back of that tank on top is really fantastic – I’ll show you more in the summer. Jeremy tried buying this tank for me for Christmas when the sweet shop owner told him my sister had already bought if for me the day before – if that’s not a reason to shop local I don’t know what is.

Cardigan – Old Navy
Tank – Covet from wild.flower (who just reopened in the Plaza District for you locals – if you’re unfamiliar it’s like Anthropologie but more friendly on your wallet)
Cami – Urban Outfitters
Leggings – BCBG
Boots – Blowfish

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