Adventures in Babysitting

February 21, 2011


I’m always the last resort when it comes to babysitting. It’s just not my thing. It’s definitely because even at 28 I’m still the baby of the family – I’ve always been the one needing watching.

So last Friday my sister had a car emergency which involved me needing to watch her youngest boy for an hour or two. The minutes leading up to babysitting one of my nephews I like to daydream about taking him for a walk, little hand-in-hand, down to the neighborhood park and selfishly pretending like he’s my own. Or making him a fake passport and running off to Sweden for an adventure. Or even just baking cookies and drawing on the chalkboard wall.

But in reality I just handed him over to Scooty Boots and gave him an iPhone to stay entertained while I cooked dinner. But hey! He got through that level of Angry Birds I’ve yet to beat.

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